Steel Safari Train Up - Field Shooting Workshop

The Steel Safari is a non-standard contest that examines practical rifle skills, including target recognition, range estimation, wind doping, trail skills, and marksmanship. It is designed to test a competitor's skills shooting rifle in practical challenges in the natural terrain using what gear he can carry. The Steel Safari is one of the premier field matches in the country, and the 2011 match sold out in one day.

The Steel Safari Train Up - Field Shooting Workshop is a one-day class taught by match director Zak Smith and other prior-year Steel Safari champions. Students will be split into very small groups and then guided along last year's Steel Safari field course. At every station, you'll learn the best methods to locate, range, and hit the targets under the time constraints. In addition, your small-group instructor will go over general Steel Safari strategy, hints, and tricks, as well as equipment.

This one-day workshop is a unique opportunity to "tune up" before the match or simply learn from the pros how to approach long-range field shooting.

Class Parameters

Date Saturday May 14, 2011;   Overflow dates: May 15th, May 21st
Duration One day, approx 8AM to 5PM
Format Field exercise; come ready to shoot; no formal classroom instruction
Location Blue Steel Ranch, near Logan NM
Instructors Zak Smith, Jimmy Holdsworth, Shane Coppinger, Brian
Physical Requirements Hike approx 4 miles in rough desert terrain
Rifle Requirements 1 MOA accuracy and max range of at least 700 yards
Must have a solid 100 yard zero prior to arrival
Limitations Caliber 6mm to .300WM, max 3200 fps, no steel core
Cost $195 class fee and $25 for range fee


1 MOA or better rifle; 120 rounds of ammunition; laser rangefinder; bipod; rear bag; backpack; at least 64 oz of water (Camelback recommended); packed lunch for trail; good sturdy boots; raingear; sunscreen; eye and ear protection; silencer recommended; hat; paper and pen; shooting sticks; sling; data card(s) for approx 4000' altitude (50-100 degrees Fahrenheit)


Lodging is available in Tucumcari and Logan. We recommend that you arrive in Logan Friday evening, stay two nights, and depart Sunday morning. Shooting on the "KD" range Sunday morning will be available for an extra $25 in range fees.

To secure your class slot, call 307-287-2052 to leave a deposit.
If you have questions email, or give him a call at 970-232-4468.

A few slots still available!