#305 - Advanced, Extreme LR, High Angle

The Advanced, Extreme Long Range, and High Angle course is a three-day class dedicated entirely to advanced long-range techniques, extreme long range (1000-2000 yards), and high angle shooting.

Class Parameters

Duration Three days, approx 8AM to 5PM
Format Field exercise; come ready to shoot; no formal classroom instruction
Location Douglas WY
Physical Requirements physical - may require 30 minute intervals of intense hiking
Rifle Requirements 1 MOA accuracy and max range of at least 1750 yards
Must have a solid 100 yard zero prior to arrival
Limitations Caliber 6mm to .338LM, max 3200 fps, no steel core


1 MOA or better rifle; 120 rounds of ammunition; laser rangefinder; bipod; rear bag; backpack; at least 64 oz of water (Camelback recommended); packed lunch for trail; good sturdy boots; raingear; sunscreen; eye and ear protection; silencer recommended; hat; paper and pen; shooting sticks; sling; data card(s) for approx 4000' altitude (50-100 degrees Fahrenheit)

To secure your class slot, call 307-287-2052 to leave a deposit.    If you have questions Email Us!
Classes must be paid 4 weeks in advance. No refunds for cancellations within 3 weeks of class date.