#201 - Practical Field Rifle 2

Building on #101 (or equivalent), we re-emphasize shooting fundamentals and then focus on UKD shooting to 1000 yards from standard and improvised shooting positions. Target location, ranging, and engagement are put under time constraints.

a. Application of the fundamentals of marksmanship through non-conventional shooting positions
b. Theory, practical, and computational aspects of advanced ballistics
c. Range estimation using mil-dot relation formulas and laser range-finders
d. Engage targets in the field at known distances out to 1000 yards
e. Locate, range, and engage unknown-distance target arrays from unconventional positions under time constraints

The majority of the shooting in this class is done in a field environment. This class culminates in a field exercise that involves locating, ranging, and shooting a variety of 1-3 MOA targets using unconventional shooting positions under time constraints.

Class Parameters

Duration Three days
Format Classroom, field firing range, and field exercise
Physical Requirements Ability to hike approx 2 miles in rough terrain
Rifle Requirements 1 MOA accuracy and max range of at least 1000 yards
Limitations Caliber 6mm to .338LM, max 3200 fps, no steel core
Cost $1200 class fee
Venues Douglas, WY; Big-K Ranch (Elkton, OR)


1 MOA or better rifle; 300 rounds of ammunition; laser rangefinder; bipod; rear bag; backpack; at least 64 oz of water (Camelback recommended); boots; raingear; sunscreen; eye and ear protection; silencer recommended; hat; paper and pen; shooting sticks; sling;

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Classes must be paid 4 weeks in advance. No refunds for cancellations within 3 weeks of class date.