Shooting is our passion. Long-range field shooting is our specialty.
We've brought together a set of innovative trainers who have an unmatched set of expertise in long-range military, competition, and sport shooting.
Come train with the guys who invented the phrase Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting.

Here's a very in-depth review written by one of our students- Learning to shoot at over 1,000 yards with Thunderbeast Arms, by Derek Zeanah

Upcoming Class Schedule

Class ID Dates Venue Cost Forum
#206-PFSW+ APR 17-18-19 2015 Douglas, WY $995 Open
#206-PFSW+ MAY 15-16-17 2015 Douglas, WY $995 Open
#206-PFSW+ JUNE 19-20-21 2015 Douglas, WY $995 Open
#206-PFSW+ AUG 17-18-19 2015 Douglas, WY $995 Open

All classes subject to minimum enrollment 6 weeks before class - these may be rescheduled. We are not liable for changes in plans.
To secure your class slot, call 307-287-2052.    If you have questions Email Us!
Classes must be paid 4 weeks in advance. No refunds for cancellations within 4 weeks of class date.
Proof of US Citizenship and ability to possess firearms may be required. There is a surcharge for students who are not US citizens to cover State Department permits required by ITAR.


Douglas, WY
Logan, NM


Cody Carroll
Former military sniper
Zak Smith
3-Gun and long-range shooting expert
Shane Coppinger
Long-range and marksmanship training expert
Ray Sanchez
Long-range shooting expert
Jimmy Holdsworth
3-Gun and long-range shooting expert
Active military sniper, special forces