The TBAC "Recore" program provides a way to upgrade select legacy TBAC suppressors to the most current ULTRA series baffles and construction. The ATF has ruled that repairs that retain the old tube and do not change caliber or overall length do not require any additional "Form" paperwork. The Recore will replace the baffle core and both endcaps but it will retain your original suppressor tube.

The performance of the suppressor will mimic the suppression and cartridge ratings of the respective ULTRA core that it was upgraded to. Its weight will generally be an average of the original model's weight and the new ULTRA model's weight. This is because the additional weight savings of the ULTRA tube design will not be realized, but the core will be lighter.

We use Ultra Gen 2 style baffles; however, suppression in a recored tube will be "slightly" less than a true tubeless Gen 2 Ultra due to slightly less volume available due to the existing Gen 1 tube.

Once recored, all .30 cal and smaller suppressors will be converted to either the ULTRA-style direct thread (DT) end or the Compact Brake (CB) end that accepts our CB brake and CB flash hider.

The Recore program will be implemented using our RMA process. You will ship us the suppressor with the RMA process and we will contact you for payment details. The possible upgrades and fee schedule are detailed below.

The turnaround time for a RECORE is currently about 4-6 weeks as of Feb 2020.

Original New Core Cost DT version Cost CB version (does not include brake)
223P, 223P-1, 223P-2, 223CB 223 ULTRA 7 $695 $635
30PS, 30BAS, 30CB7 .30 ULTRA 7 $775 $715
30P, 30P-1, 30BA, 30CB9 .30 ULTRA 9 $845 $785
338BA serial numbers after #51158 * 338 ULTRA - $1295

* - 338 models with serial number below 51158, please refer to our 338 recall.
Prices do not include shipping. Conversion to CB mount will require the purchase of a CB series muzzle mount (not included).
A 50% deposit will be required to start work.