Ultra-compact, Ultra-light 9mm Suppressor

The FLY 9 was developed with the same philosophy as the ULTRA series-- make a high-performance suppressor as light and compact as possible. The result is impressive, but requires some in depth discussion to really understand.

The FLY 9 is configurable in two lengths: Long and Short. Our "Long" length is shorter than everyone else's modular suppressor's "Long" configuration, but just as quiet (and often quieter) than the best in this class. Our Long configuration is lighter by at least 20%, in many cases 35% or even 50%, than other full-size 9mm suppressors. It weighs only 7.9 ounces in Long configuration, and that includes the booster, piston, and spring. Our "Long" configuration at 7.0 inches is the same length or shorter than many others' "Short" setups, but quieter.

In its "Short" configuration, it's simply shorter and lighter than anything else out there. Including the piston, it's at 4.4", which will typically add about 4.0" to the OAL of the pistol. It weighs only 5.5 ounces, and that includes a 17-4 steel piston (1/2-28 for weight reference). This is truly a "handy" length, and with "low-blast-subsonic" ammo such as "HUSH" or "STELTH", the muzzle and ear dB levels are under 140 dB!

To put it a different way, do you hate that 9mm cans almost always sound louder than you want them to? And that they're huge? This one will change your mind. At its "full size", it's only 7" long and adds about 6.6" to your OAL. In Short Mode, it's tiny.

The FLY 9 is rated for .300 Blackout SUPERSONIC ammunition from 8-inch and longer barrels, and .300 Blackout SUBSONIC ammunition from 5.5-inch barrels and longer. The FLY 9 is also rated for 350 LEGEND from 16" barrels and longer.

The FLY 9 is strong. Our test regimen was three 32-round Glock magazines fired from a select-fire subgun: the first two mags bursts, and the last mag full auto. We torture tested this for 30 cycles and the suppressor was perfect afterwards. After some consultation, we believe this exceeds all PCC/Subgun loadouts.

The FLY 9 ships with a 1/2-28 piston and a fixed barrel spacer (spring replacement). For high temperature durability, we are using specially-made 17-7 wave springs in the booster. It is compatible with the Rugged/Griffin/SilencerCo/TBAC standard pistons.

Please note that some modern SIG pistols require a non-standard muzzle-indexed piston. Please see the Fly9 Technical Maual for more information.


The amount of data to compare here on pistols, PCC's/Subguns, then Long and Short, and full-power vs. "low-blast-subsonic" ammo is kind of overwhelming. Here's the data summary of the FLY 9 and four of the most well-known and regarded 9mm suppressors. We'll have the metering videos that demonstrate this data posted shortly.


Let's break this down into four cases to start

CASE 1 - PISTOL, FULL LENGTH CONFIG, FULL POWER 147 AMMO - All the best cans suppress the muzzle to about 125-127 dB, but the breech port "pop" dominates the MSR and EAR numbers, putting the EAR numbers all right around 141 dB. We're right in with the best, but our Long configuration is only 7.0" and we weigh under 8 ounces, including the 17-4 steel piston. Conclusion: For full-power ammunition, we suppress as well as anybody but are significantly lighter and shorter.

CASE 2 - PISTOL, FULL LENGTH CONFIG, HUSH/STELTH 165 AMMO - Again, all the best cans suppress the muzzle to about 121-124 dB, but the breech port "pop" dominates the MSR and EAR numbers, putting the EAR numbers in the mid 130's. Again, we're right in the pack with the rest of the best. Our muzzle report suppression is tied for best (at 121 dB, MSL). Conclusion: Just like Case 1, for low-blast-subsonic ammunition, we suppress best-in class (muzzle) and right with the rest for port pop, but we are significantly lighter and shorter.

CASE 3 - PISTOL, SHORT CONFIG, FULL POWER 147 AMMO - The ear numbers for these are all in the 138-142 dB range due to port pop. This includes the FLY9 Short. The FLY9 is mid-pack for MSL numbers at 140 dB. You can get a better MSL number, but you need a suppressor that is 47% longer at 6.47" to get significantly quieter. That's no longer a "micro sized" short configuration. Our "Long" 7-inch configuration meters better than that one at 6.47". Conclusion: The FLY9 in Short mode is very short and compact and still gives competitive suppression numbers compared to other suppressors that are longer (in some cases much longer) and much heavier.

CASE 4 - PISTOL, SHORT CONFIG, HUSH/STELTH 165 AMMO - The story is very similar to CASE 3, except the dB numbers are scaled down a little across the board. These low-blast-subsonic rounds are less than 140 dB at all three measurement positions: left, right, and ear, from the FLY9 in short mode, which is only 4.4" long, or about 4" added to the pistol OAL.

SUMMARY FOR PISTOL USE - With full power ammunition, the FLY9 is as quiet as anyone, but only 7 inches long and substantially lighter. In addition, for low-blast-subsonic ammo (HUSH/STELTH), we are the smallest "Short" config at 4.4" and still have muzzle and ear numbers under 140 dB (actually 137 dB!).

Now let's talk PCC/Subgun. In Long configuration, the Fly 9 muzzle report is only 120 dB, with shooter's ear around 126 dB with low-blast-subsonic ammo. With full power ammo, the muzzle report only goes up to 122 pure muzzle report, with 125 dB port pop on the right-hand side, and ear at 131 dB-- which is all due to port pop being right next to shooter's ear.

On the PCC/Subgun in Short config, we are 134 dB at shooter's ear, and still under 140 dB at muzzle. Shooting HUSH ammo, we're about 132-134 in any of the measurements


"At the muzzle" (M) sound measurements are measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D using a B&K PULSE SLM one meter offset from muzzle of the suppressor. These are also referred to a "milspec-left" (ML) and "milspec-right" (MR)

"At Shooter's Ear" (SE) measurements are measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D using a B&K PULSE SLM at the position of the shooter's right ear in a normal shooting position. SE measurements are affected by overall rifle length.

For centerfire semi-auto pistols, the sound pressure that escapes the breech is considerable and, due to shorter barrel lengths, influences both muzzle dB and shooter's ear dB numbers.


Maximum rated caliber 9mm, .300 Blackout, .350 Legend
Material Titanium
17-4 stainless piston
Length 7.0 inches (Long)
4.4 inches (Short)
lengths include piston
Diameter 1.39-inch
Mounts 1/2-28 piston and booster included; also fixed spacer
Weight 7.9 ounces (Long)
5.5 ounces (Short)
includes piston (1/2-28 for reference)
Finish Black CeraKote; OD Green or FDE available
Use Full-auto 9mm; .300 Blackout and .350 Legend, semi auto
Price $1180
Warranty TBAC Limited Lifetime Warranty
How to order a suppressor


Link to the FLY9 manual


100% titanium body construction
"Tubeless" construction
Hard-use / full-auto ratings for 9mm
360-degree fully-welded baffle core
.300 Blackout, Subs and Full power rated


"any length" 9x19, .38 Special
4.0" .357 Magnum
5.5" .300 Blackout (subsonic)
8.0" .300 Blackout (full power / supersonic)
16" 350 Legend

FLY9 Q&A's

Because it's all titanium, the FLY9 can be very effectively cleaned chemically with CLR. We recommend weighing them every 500 rounds. At this point, if the weight added due to deposited carbon exceeds 1 ounce, we recommend using our cleaning procedure until the suppressor is back to its orginal weight. Link to TBAC recommended cleaning procedures. Remove the o-rings, booster, booster cap, piston, and spring before soaking.

Can I shoot this on my 300 Blackout?
Yes. For full-power supersonic ammunition, the minumum barrel length is 8". For subsonic, 5.5". You should shoot enough unsuppressed rounds on paper and then count and examine holes to make sure your bullets are fully stabilized before using the suppressor.

What pistol host did you meter on?
The meter numbers quoted in the left-hand column are from a ZEV OZ9, which is the same barrel length and setup as a Glock 17.
We will post numbers from a HK USP 9 Tactical, Glock 19X, and Glock 43X soon. Suppression levels vary on different hosts mainly because the port pop is louder or quieter depending on the slide mass, recoil spring strength, the configuration of the slide and ejection port, and if it's hammer or striker fired. This port pop dominates most of the audible report on pistols.

What is the quietest 9mm ammunition?
The Freedom Munitions "HUSH" 165gr and the Ammo Inc "STELTH" 165gr are both the quietest 9mm ammunition. Normal full-power 147gr subsonic 9mm is louder. We found that regular 115gr and 147gr ammunition meters almost the same, although you are likely to hear an echo of the supersonic crack with the supersonic 115's. Please note that some pistols that have a stiff spring and/or a heavy slide might not run reliably with the HUSH or STELTH ammunition, without some modification. The Glocks that have heavier spring weights (such as a brand new 19X) tend to not run it reliably, while 17's, 43's, and broken-in or older 19's usually work fine.

What other adapters can be used? How do I use TRI-LUG?
The rear of the suppressor body is threaded 1.125" x 28tpi, so it can use Silencerco or KVP (Kaw Valley Precision) -- or other compatible -- adapters for Tri-lug, direct thread, etc. During the full-auto subgun testing, we used a KVP Mach 3-Lug mount. It worked well but needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent carbon lock. Note that 'self-contained' style tri-lugs are recommended for compatibility.


Note - Production O-rings will be black.