Durable Ultra-light .45 Suppressor

The FLY 45 has industry leading .45 ACP suppression performance while being 25- to 50-percent lighter than its competitors. It's also super tough and is rated for .45-70, .308 WIN, and .223/556 (see below for barrel length restrictions).

The FLY 45 is a modular suppressor with a full length (including booster) of 8.85 inches and a short configuration (with booster) of 6.6 inches.

We have all the data posted in the large table below, but it's easy to summarize-- The FLY 45 suppresses better or the same as the other quietest .45/.46 caliber suppressors on the market, but it's a lot lighter and tougher.

The FLY 45 ships with a .578-28 piston and the booster basket (which adapts the booster threads to HUB). For high temperature durability, we are using specially-made 17-7 wave springs in the booster. It is compatible with the Rugged/Griffin/SilencerCo/TBAC standard pistons.

You can remove the booster and booster basket assembly and you're left with an industry-standard 1.375x24 "HUB" rear mount. This allows use on any compatible HUB mounting system. We also have a "CB2HUB" adapter to fit on our CB muzzle devices.


The amount of data to compare here on pistols, PCC's/Subguns, then Long and Short, and full-power vs. "low-blast-subsonic" ammo is kind of overwhelming. Here's the data summary of the FLY 45 and several of the most well-known and regarded .45 suppressors. We'll have the metering videos that demonstrate this data posted shortly.




"At the muzzle" (M) sound measurements are measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D using a B&K PULSE SLM one meter offset from muzzle of the suppressor. These are also referred to a "milspec-left" (ML) and "milspec-right" (MR)

"At Shooter's Ear" (SE) measurements are measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D using a B&K PULSE SLM at the position of the shooter's right ear in a normal shooting position. SE measurements are affected by overall rifle length.

For centerfire semi-auto pistols, the sound pressure that escapes the breech is considerable and, due to shorter barrel lengths, influences both muzzle dB and shooter's ear dB numbers.


Rated caliber list (partial) .45 ACP, 10mm, 9mm, .45-70, .450 Bushmaster, 308, 6.5 Creemoor, 223/5.56, .300 Blackout, 8.6 Blackout
Material Titanium
17-4 stainless piston
Length 8.85 inches (Long, with booster)
6.6 inches (Short, with booster)
8.15 inches (Long, bare HUB)
5.9 inches (Short, bare HUB)
Diameter 1.44-inch
Mounts 0.578 piston and booster included, with booster basket assembly
compatible with HUB mounts
Weight 10.47 ounces (Long, with booster)
8.15 ounces (Short, with booster)
7.34 ounces (Long, bare HUB)
5.02 ounces (Short, bare HUB)
Finish Black CeraKote; OD Green, Surge Brown, or FDE available
Use Full-auto .45, 9mm;
Hard-use/Full-Auto: 300 Blackout
Semi-auto: Other rated bottleneck rifle cartridges
Price $1290
Warranty TBAC Limited Lifetime Warranty
How to order a suppressor


Link to the FLY45 manual


100% titanium body construction
"Tubeless" construction
Hard-use / full-auto ratings for 9mm and .45 ACP
360-degree fully-welded baffle core
.300 Blackout, Subs and Full power rated


"any length" 9x19, .38 Special, .45 ACP
5.5" .300 Blackout (subsonic), 8.6 Blackout
8.0" .300 Blackout (full power / supersonic)
13.0" 8.6 Blackout (full power)
16" .45-70, .450 Bushmaster, .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, 223/556

FLY45 Q&A's

Because it's all titanium, the FLY45 can be very effectively cleaned chemically with CLR. We recommend weighing them every 500 rounds. At this point, if the weight added due to deposited carbon exceeds 1 ounce, we recommend using our cleaning procedure until the suppressor is back to its orginal weight. Link to TBAC recommended cleaning procedures. Remove the o-rings, booster, booster cap, piston, and spring before soaking.

Can I shoot this on my 300 Blackout?
Yes. For full-power supersonic ammunition, the minumum barrel length is 8". For subsonic, 5.5". You should shoot enough unsuppressed rounds on paper and then count and examine holes to make sure your bullets are fully stabilized before using the suppressor.

What about 8.6 Blackout?
Yes. Same notes as .300 Blackout. NOTE- we have seen a disproportionate number of problems with 8.6 Blackout involving bullets tumbling or being over-spun. Verify your 8.6 barrel and ammunition are correctly stabilizing the bullets and not blowing them up before suppressing your 8.6.

What pistol host did you meter on?
The meter numbers quoted in the left-hand column are from a Glock 21. Sound reduction numbers from other hosts were basically identical.

What is the quietest .45 ammunition?
Ammo Inc STELTH 45 ACP.

What other adapters can be used? How do I use TRI-LUG?
The rear of the FLY45 is a standard HUB. It can take most compatible HUB adapters. If you screw in the booster basket adapter, it accepts 1.125" x 28tpi adapters from, e.g. KVP, SilencerCo, etc.. Note that 'self-contained' style tri-lugs are recommended for compatibility.

I need a metric piston, do you make one?
For pistons other than 0.578, our booster is compatible with Rugged pistons and they are what we used for testing on HK's.