Bipod for practical field shooting

We've been kicking around the idea of a bipod for half a decade; in 2017 we tasked our R&D engineers to start working on it. We combined the ideas from each of our "favorite" bipods, optimized them for actual field usage models, added a few new innovations and good ideas, and then tested the hell out of it for over a year. The result is what we just call the TBAC Bipod.

Notable Features

Legs deployable without push of a button - just sweep the legs down
45-degree mode, but only if you want it after deploying to 90 degrees, so it's not annoying
No pan mode to keep rifle from falling over
Tool-less QD feet (rubber and spike available)
Tool-less leg extension installation and removal
Set-and-forget cant tension, very smooth cant adjustment and rotation
ADM Picatinny QD mount
Pic mount can be removed and replaced with all B&T mounting plates, e.g. RRS, Arca Swiss
Legs are fully spring actuated but designed to reduce muzzle hop
Titanium, stainless, and aluminum construction, fully coated
Titanium parts are PVD coated
Stainless is ISONITE QPQ Nitrided
Aluminum is Type III hardcoat
Inner legs are made of titanium
All critical mating surfaces are stainless steel
"Fat Guy" impact rated
Stock height, 6.5 - 9 inches @ 90 degrees; 5.1 - 6.9 inches at 45 degrees
With optional leg extensions, height, 9.5-12 inches @ 90 degrees; 7.25-9 inches at 45 degrees
Optional spike feet with carbide tips


Materials Stainless, aluminum, titanium
Finishes ISONITE QPQ Nitride; Type III hardcoat; PVD (respectively)
Height (stock) 6.5 - 9 inches @ 90 degrees; 5.1 - 6.9 inches at 45 degrees
Height (with extensions) 9.5-12 inches @ 90 degrees; 7.25-9 inches at 45 degrees
Weight 14.5 ounces
Best Use Field shooting up to .50 BMG
Price $445
Extra accessories available Leg Extensions ($55); Carbide spike feet ($55)
Warranty TBAC Limited Lifetime Warranty


TBAC Bipod

TBAC Bipod Accessories

Shipping for web orders is $8.65 for the first item and $4.33 for each subsequent item, for most products. Shipping cost on external thread protectors and extra peel washers is less. Bipods are more.