This product was discontinued March 2021. It is still supported but we are not accepting new orders.

Heavy-duty 5.56 Suppressor
Made specifically for .223/5.56 SBR's and "one-stamp" uppers


The 556 TAKE DOWN was designed around the 2017 USSOCOM Suppressor Upper Receiver Group (SURG) solicication. It may be used as direct thread, semi-permanently installed, permanently installed, or purchased as part of our DEDICATED SUPPRESSED UPPER.

With a 10-inch barrel, the 556 TAKE DOWN was designed to meter at an average of 140 dB or less at both the mil-spec mic position and at the shooter's ear with mil-spec Mk318 mod 0, Federal T556 TNB1, Hornady 5.56 75-grain Interlock HD SBR Black, or Hornady 5.56mm 75gr TAP SBR. (Actual suppression level will depend on ammunition and conditions.) This suppression level at the muzzle and at the shooter's ear is made possible by specific tuning and baffle design, since a high level of muzzle suppression typically dramatically increases ejection port volume. An adjustable gas block is recommended to achieve this level of report at the shooter's ear.

The 556 TAKE DOWN can be fully disassembled by the end user. As a somewhat unusual design feature, the 556 TAKE DOWN is disassembled from its front, so that the suppressor may be disassembled while its body is still installed, permanently or otherwise, on an AR-15 upper receiver or rifle.

It is designed to withstand at least 20,000 rounds before depot-level service comprising a firing schedule of 8 magazines fired rapid/burst/full-auto and then a cooling period. Although the suppressor has an indeterminate lifetime and will keep operating indefinitely, the baffles may be replaced by a depot-level service -- for commercial customers, this is TBAC, the manufacturer -- to regain the original suppression level. The baffles are salt bath nitride coated (melonite) to further extend their service lifetime.

Special Features

Direct thread attachment option
Nordlock (locking) washers included
Toolkit and special tools available for purchase
Rear wrench flats for installation/removal
Pin hole on wrench flats for pinned/welded permanent installation
Full disassemble-able from the front end, uses common tools
Black nitride (melonite) coated baffles for longer service life
17-4 heat-treated stainless baffles, 316L tube
When permanently pinned/welded to a 10" upper, complete upper will no longer require a registered SBR host

Application Notes

Minimum barrel lengths:

7" 223 Rem, 5.56
Please contact tech support for:
   .22 cal loads exceeding 50 powder grains,
For questions about a particular rifle/load combination please contact us.

1. Measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D using a BK 2209 SLM one meter offset from muzzle


Calibers .223 caliber, up to 5.56 mm / .224" caliber
Materials 17-4 stainless baffles, 316L tube
Length 6.95 inches
Diameter 1.65 inches
Mounts Direct thread, permanent installation possible
Weight 27 ounces
Threads 1/2-28
Finish Outer: Black CeraKote
Baffles: Black nitride (melonite)
Use SBR, full-auto
Price $495
Rebuild Price $240
Warranty TBAC Limited Lifetime Warranty
How to order a suppressor

Firing Schedule

The 556 TAKE DOWN is full-auto rated. This rating is used in the sense that it is specified in recent military solitications, that is, 8 30-round magazines fired back to back from a 10" upper, magazines alternating burst/rapid fire and full automatic magazine dumps. After this firing schedule is completed, the suppressor should be allowed to cool to near ambient temperature.