The 338P-1 was discontinued Sept 2013 and replaced with the 338BA.
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The 338P-1 is our high-performance big-bore suppressor. It effectively suppresses the extreme muzzle blast of the .338 magnums down to the same level as a suppressed .308. The 338P-1 is perfect for .338 Lapua Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum, and .338 Remington Ultra Magnum.

To aid suppression with the additional gas volume of the big magnums, the 338P-1 has 66% more volume than the 30P-1, but weighs only 47% more. It can also be used on 7mm and .30 caliber magnums for shooters who need to shoot extended strings of fire.

Just like the 30P-1, the 338P-1 is constructed of titanium with a fully-welded baffle core. This material and construction provides a great strength to weight ratio. It can take whatever your big-bore precision rifle can dish out.

The new 338P-1 model is quieter and stronger than the original 338P.

The 338P-1 is ideal for: extreme long-range "practical" competition shooters; varminters; predator hunters; precision tactical shooters.

Special Features

100% titanium construction
360-degree fully-welded baffle core
Helical Baffle Technology
Rock-Solid POI Repeatability
Extreme suppression levels for .338 cartridges

Application Notes
Barrett .338 MRAD and 98 Bravo rifles produced prior to 1/2013 must use the 338BA suppressor with special MRAD brake. 98B and MRAD rifles manufactured after this date are 3/4-24.

The 338P-1 is not rated for the .30-378.

Minimum barrel length for .338LM is 22"


Caliber .338 caliber, up to .338 Lapua Magnum or .338 RUM
Material Titanium
Length 10.4 inches.
Diameter 1.8 inches.
Weight 25 ounces
Threads 3/4-28, 3/4-24, 5/8-24 (US standard), M18x1.5 (AI metric), M18x1.0 (SAKO metric)
Finish Black; OD Green or FDE DuraCoat available
Use Precision/Long-range on big-bore magnums
Price $1695
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