The 223CB was discontinued January 2016 and replaced with the 223 ULTRA 7.
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Compact Brake-attach .223 caliber suppressor

The model 223CB is the new "Compact Brake"-attach version of our 223P-2 precision and sporting .223 rifle suppressor. This is the first of our "muzzle device attach" models intended for .223/5.56 mm caliber. This shares the same proven baffle design as the 223P-2 and 30P-1 (with a few modifications and optimizations), but we've designed it to go on new brake that is sized just right for .223 rifles, especially AR-15's.

The way to interpret the model number for the 223CB is: .223 caliber, COMPACT BRAKE, (no suffix - there is only one size of 223CB)

The "CB" series suppressors to mount over our new compact brake and provide the same repeatability as our direct thread attach suppressors, like the 30P-1. The 30CB9 features a conical shoulder for rock solid POI repeatability and to make sure it never comes loose.

The 223CB is constructed of titanium with a fully-welded baffle core. This material and construction provides a great strength to weight ratio. It was designed primarily for semi-auto use on AR-15s and use on bolt-action .223 rifles.

The 223CB is ideal for: sporting and varmint use on semi-auto and bolt action rifles in .223 Remington and 5.56 mm NATO.

Special Features

New Compact Brake for .223 caliber rifles
Ionbond DLC coating on CB muzzle devices
Brake-in-suppressor design
Low back pressure design
Conical shoulder surface
100% titanium construction
360-degree fully-welded baffle core
Helical Baffle Technology
Magnum rated
Rock-Solid POI Repeatability

Application Notes

This suppressor is inteded for sporting applications and barrel lengths not shorter than 14.5". For shorter SBR use or full-auto, the 223A is the correct application. .22-250 OK with barrel lengths of 22" or longer. For questions about a particular rifle/load combination please contact us.


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"CB" series brakes will be available in early June.


Caliber .223 caliber, 5.56 mm NATO
Material Titanium
Length 7.2 inches.
Diameter 1.5 inches.
Weight 14.2 ounces
Brake Threads 1/2-28 (US standard)
Finish Black CeraKote; OD Green and FDE available
Brake Finish Ionbond DLC
Use semi-auto use; not full-auto rated.
Price $995 (one brake included).
Extra brakes $135/ea
"CB" External thread protector, $35
  (not included - sold separately)
How to order a suppressor


223CB Brake
Each brake includes one peel washer
* Note: The 1/2-28 223CB brake has a .223 caliber aperture!
223CB External Thread Protector

Extra Peel Washers
Peel washers have an O.D. of 0.840-0.845"
and an initial thickness of approx 0.048-0.055".
Shipping for web orders is $8.65 for the first item and $4.33 for each subsequent item, for most products. Shipping cost on external thread protectors and extra peel washers is less. Bipods are more.