Zak Smith

Business Operations & Development, Instructor

Zak Smith is a competition shooter who has pushed the state of the art in practical long-range rifle shooting. He started competing in 3-Gun in 2003 and long-range in 2004 and quickly distinguished himself with top finishes at major matches. Using his scientific and engineering background, he has pushed the envelope in practical shooting, especially long-range practical shooting. Much of this information has been published in articles in print and online media. He was the first author to regularly use the term "Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting" to describe the spectrum of solving field problems with a rifle.

Match Experience

Smith has competed in USPSA/IPSC, 3Gun, and long range rifle matches since 2003, with top-10 finishes at the CMMG Midwest 3Gun Championship, Tiger Valley 3Gun, MGM Ironman 3Gun, Snipers Paradise Sniper Challenge, TACPRO Sniper Tournament, International Tactical Rifleman Championships, Practical Rifle Team Challenge, Weld County 3Gun, Camp Guernsey ARNG Base Multi-Gun, NRAWC Sporting Rifle Match, and Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals. Other major matches shot include Superstition Mountain Mystery 3Gun, DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge.

Match/division wins include 2007 Camp Guernsey Multi-Gun Invitational (overall), 2007 Steel Safari (standard), 2006 Steel Safari (overall), 2005 Cavalry Arms Tiger Valley 3Gun (Trooper Class), 2009-August Sporting Rifle Match (overall), and local Rocky-Mountain region 3-Gun.

Smith has been sponsored by various companies over his shooting career, including Cavalry Arms Shooting Team, Magpul, and Thunder Beast Arms Corporation Shooting Team.

Shooting Match Administration

2012-2022 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge   Match Director  
2017-2022 Burris Optics Team Challenge   Match Director  
2008-2022 Steel Safari   Match Director  
2018-2022 Team Safari   Managing Director  
2021-2022 Safari Special   Match Director  
2015-2017 Team Safari   Match Director  
2017 Wyoming Magpul Governor's Match   Managing Director  
2016 US Optics Team Challenge   Match Director  
2016 Resurgence 3-Gun   Managing Director  
2016 Douglas Rifle Match Series   Match Director  
2011-2015 Thunder Beast Team Challenge   Match Director  
2014 Rocky Mountain Steel Quest   Match Director  
2012-2013 SnipersHide Cup   Match Director  
2006-2009 CPPA/IBPO Law-Enforcement 3-Gun   Stage Designer, RO, Scores
2007 Camp Guernsey Invitational Multi-Gun Match   Assistant Match Director   Archived website
2007-2012 Monthly Local 3-Gun at Weld County, CO   Match Director
2007 Summer Series 3-Gun in Camp Guernsey, WY   Asst Match Director
2006 Practical Rifle Team Challenge   Assistant Match Director   Archived website.
One of Founders, Colorado Multigun
Founder, Steel Safari LLC dba COMPETITION DYNAMICS

Other Training

Graduate EAG Tactical Carbine Operators Course, Larry Vickers Carbine & Pistol, Tactical Response Fighting Pistol, Fighting Rifle, and Force on Force training.
NRA-Certified Instructor: Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home.