Ray Sanchez


Ray has been a competitive athlete for most of his life. He went from earning a living playing racquetball, to racing triathlons and mountain bikes professionally. Ray has always been a gun guy, but about 12 years ago he decided he wanted to work in the firearms industry and spend more time shooting. Taking classes and learning from whomever he could, he quickly established himself as a very well rounded shooter and instructor along the Rocky Mountain Front Range. While competitive with a pistol or carbine, his favorite discipline is precision long range shooting and he spends most of his trigger time honing long-range skills. With wins at the Sporting Rifle Match and the Steel Safari in 2009 and 2011 he has proven himself to be a top Competitor in the sport.

Ray really enjoys being an instructor and helping people improve their firearms skills. He believes that the better everyone else gets, the more challenging the playing field becomes. He's extremely motivated to help you obtain your shooting goals.

Match Experience

2011 Steel Safari   Overall Match Champion  
2009 Steel Safari   Overall Match Champion  
2008 Steel Safari   High .308  
2006 Practical Rifle Team Challenge   6th Place Team (with Zak Smith) 

Shooting Match Administration

2012-2013 SnipersHide Cup   Assistant Match Director  
2012-2014 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge   Assistant Match Director  
2011-2012 Thunder Beast Team Challenge   Assistant Match Director  
2013-2014 Steel Safari   Assistant Match Director  
2014 Rocky Mountain Steel Quest   Assistant Match Director  
2006 Practical Rifle Team Challenge   RO Staff   Archived website.
2008-2009 CPPA/IBPO Law-Enforcement 3-Gun   RO Staff