Jimmy Holdsworth


Jimmy Holdsworth is an exceptionally talented shooter and trainer who brings a lot of natural talent to the table. He started competing in 3-Gun in 1999 and quickly distinguished himself as a top-level national shooter. He leveraged these skills into match administration and has been involved in administering many of the most influential 3-Gun and multi-gun matches of the last decade, notably with the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals, SOF (2001), US Marshalls Posse match, and the IBPO/CPPA LEO 3-Gun match. He is currently working as an LE sales consultant and company representative for Beretta USA.

Match Experience

Holdsworth has competed in 3Gun matches since 1999, with multiple Top-10 finishes at the CMMG Midwest 3Gun Championship, TV3G, ITRC, and SMM3G, and Top-50 at SOF and WC3G '02-'03. Other major matches include the TACPRO Sniper Tournament and SP Sniper Challenge. Match/division wins include "Open" class at TV3G '04, two class wins at USPSA 3Gun Nationals.

Holdsworth has been sponsored by various companies over his shooting career, including notably JP Enterprises and Trijicon Inc.

Shooting Match Administration

2013 SnipersHide Cup   Assistant Match Director  
2013-2014 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge   Assistant Match Director  
2013 Steel Safari   Assistant Match Director  
2013-2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge   Assistant Match Director
2011 Thunder Beast Team Challenge   Consultant
2006 Practical Rifle Team Challenge   Match Director   Archived website.
2002-2011 CPPA/IBPO Law-Enforcement 3-Gun   Match Director, Staff (various years)
2003-2004 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals   Staff
2001 Soldier of Fortune 3-Gun   Staff
2001-2003 United States Marshalls Posse   Staff
One of Founders, Colorado Multigun

Other Training and Experience

Gunsite graduate: 250, 260, 499, 223, 556, ACTP.
Former Wildland Firefighter. Current world traveler/adventurer.