Upcoming TBAC Long-Range Classes ALL NEWS

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 26, 2016

Just a reminder that we are quickly coming to the close of our training season for our Douglas training area. Whether you’re looking for an intro/intermediate class or an advanced skills class, get in on one of our training class’s while the weather is great.

30 September – 2 October, #206-PFSW+, Douglas Wyoming, $995
7-9 October, #305-ELRHA, Douglas Wyoming, $995
28-30 October, #206-PFSW+, Douglas Wyoming, $995
4-6 November, #206-PFSW+, Blue Steel Ranch, Logan NM $1200

Our #206-PFSW+ class covers data management, wind reading and some awesome positional shooting class. Our #305-ELRHA class covers; High Angle, Extended Long Range, Positional shooting-both barrier and natural, Comp shooting, advanced wind doping, time management and match strategy.