Ultras and 22 Takedowns available! ALL NEWS

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 29, 2016

TBAC Backlog Slayed – New orders that go in today will have serial numbers assigned in about two weeks!

At TBAC we’ve had a pretty long backlog for a while due to the demand for the Ultras and 22TD’s. Through the hard work of our foreman and production staff, along with significant investment in more high-end CNC equipment and hiring, we are just about up to date now– and producing at a rate that far eclipses what we could build just a year ago. Orders that go in today should have serial numbers assigned in “about two weeks”.

Q4 is usually the best time to get orders in for minimum production delay. The worst time is just after SHOT Show because that is when dealers and distributors put in very large orders.