Posted By: Zak Smith on April 7, 2021

We have discovered a welding fault present in a small fraction of the suppressors in some batches of Dominus and Ultra Gen2 suppressors that were manufactured in 2020.

We are recalling, for evaluation and, if necessary, repair, some batches of Ultra Gen2 and Dominus suppressors.

If a suppressor with the fault present is fired, one of the last couple welds may fail, causing it to lose, usually, the endcap and the last baffle. If this happens, the suppressor is still easily repairable. Our goal is to intercept and test all suppressors in affected batches, and repair those where the fault is present.

We have a fast, non-destructive method to test suppressors for the presence of this fault. All suppressors that fail this test will be repaired or replaced depending on the “Form” status.

If you have a suppressor affected by this recall, please do not fire it until it’s been evaluated.

If you have one of the following serial numbers, please proceed to https://thunderbeastarms.com/g2recall and plug in your specific
serial number to determine if your suppressor needs evaluation.

ULTRA GEN2 with serial number between C40001 – C42000

DOMINUS-SR, CB, and K-SR with serial number between C30001 – C42000
also C10001-C10013; C10075-C10079; C20615

FOR FULL RECAL DETAILS PLEASE VISIT https://thunderbeastarms.com/g2recall