Posted By: Zak Smith on January 18, 2018

We have two new, related, products: The 556 TAKE DOWN suppressor and our “Dedicated Suppressed Upper” (or DSU).


The 556 TAKE DOWN is a unique and specialized design intended to meet the 2017 USSOCOM Suppressor Upper Receiver Group (SURG) requirements. It is full-auto rated and designed to withstand the SURG firing schedule. The 556 TAKE DOWN is user serviceable and disassembles from the front with common tools. As a result, it can be pinned to a 10.5″ upper to make a “one stamp” upper (ie, not an SBR). The MSRP of the 556 TAKE DOWN is $495. 556 TAKE DOWN INFORMATION


Our DSU has been specified and put together specifically to run our 556 TAKE DOWN suppressor with minimal blowback and to run reliably in a dedicated suppressed fashion with mil-spec ammunition. This upper was designed to meter at about 140 dB at the shooter’s ear and at the mil-spec muzzle position. The DSU retails for $1100 alone or $1595 with a 556 TAKE DOWN included. We can permanently affix the 556 TAKE DOWN to the DSU to prevent the need for an additional SBR stamp. DSU INFORMATION