Posted By: Zak Smith on January 31, 2019

Here at THUNDER BEAST ARMS CORP, we’re dedicated to building the best precision rifle suppressors on the planet. There are cheaper ways to build suppressors. If what you want is a suppressor whose primary design goals were “quick and inexpensive to manufacture”, then those other suppressors might be a good choice. We set out to build the best, and there are no shortcuts. It takes a dedicated manufacturing team, a lot of expertise, and state of the art CNC machinery to build suppressors like our ULTRA series.

Our manufacturing plant in Cheyenne, WY has batches of all of our suppressor models in-flight in at any given time, and we finish and ship suppressors out on a daily basis.

Right now, due to extraordinary demand in Q4’18 and at SHOT Show earlier in January, we have a pretty long manufacturing backlog. The bad news is that, as of today, “newly submitted” orders have roughly 6-8 months of suppressor orders before them in the build queue.

The good news that our distribution and dealer network has at least some suppressors in stock, and we are shipping orders out all the time to fulfill the orders submitted a little while ago. For example, even with the month of so of Government Shutdown (during which no Form 2’s or 3’s were processed), we are currently shipping orders that were submitted in late November to early December. As a result, our dealer network will get regular shipments of TBAC suppressors, depending on what orders they’ve submitted.

Looking for a particular silencer? We have an online TBAC ONLINE AVAILABILITY TOOL. Besides having general information about how orders are processed and our current stock levels, it also gives a list of dealers who have recently been shipped TBAC suppressors. It also gives a list of dealers who will be receiving TBAC suppressors in the next approx 4-6 weeks (ATF permitting). Furthermore, you can select a silencer model, such as .30 CAL ULTRA 7, and get a list of dealers who have just received, or are about to receive, that model suppressor.