Announcing the 6.5 ULTRA 7 & 9 ALL NEWS

Posted By: Zak Smith on August 18, 2015

Again, you asked for it and we built it. We are happy to introduce two new additions to the ULTRA family: The 6.5 mm ULTRA 7 & 9. These are identical to their .30 cal siblings in appearance, weight, and length. The difference is that when shooting 6.5 mm cartridges (or smaller), the 6.5 mm ULTRAs will provide an additional level of sound suppression.

For example, shooting .260 Rem mag loads, the 6.5 mm ULTRA 7 has the same or more sound reduction as the normal .30 cal ULTRA 9. With the 6.5 mm ULTRA 9 on a .260, the level of suppression is approx 2-3 dB better than the .30 cal ULTRA 9. The prices will match the .30 cal ULTRA 7 and 9 prices.

Ultra production has been scaled up significantly over the last seven months to match the high level of demand. Right now we are about eight weeks out on production. We are taking 6.5 mm ULTRA orders immediately.

For those of you with .30 cal ULTRAs already on order, if we have not yet built your suppressor, it can be switched to the 6.5 mm version.