Announcing SR and CB Non-Timed Brakes (NTB) ALL NEWS

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 17, 2021

We’ve had a consistent minority of customers who have asked for CB and SR muzzle devices that do not need to be timed. The most common reason for this is that they shoot suppressed almost all the time, don’t care about muzzle device orientation, and want to skip the peel washer step when installing their muzzle device.

As a result, we are announcing NON-TIMED BRAKES (NTB’s) for both the CB and SR series of mounts.



These do not require a peel washer or timing when mounting. You just have to make sure the rear of the brake abuts directly to the muzzle thread shoulder.

We have some of these available now on our web site in the most common thread pitches on our ACCESSORIES PAGE

In addition, Mile High Shooting will have some CB NTB’s in stock very soon.

These NTB’s can be specified when you order a suppressor that includes a SR or CB brake instead of the normal “timed” one– please specify at time of order.


Just a reminder, we have an ongoing recall of some batches of Gen2 Ultras and Dominus suppressors produced in 2020. This may affect the following serial numbers:

ULTRA GEN2 with serial number between C40001 – C42000.

DOMINUS-SR, CB, and K-SR with serial number between C30001 – C42000, also C10001-C10013; C10075-C10079; C20615.

If you have a suppressor that may fall info this range, please go here for additional info and a serial number lookup tool: G2 RECALL INFO