Posted By: Zak Smith on October 8, 2020

The new DOMINUS-K-SR is the “Short” or “Kurz” version of the hard-use, ultra-lightweight DOMINUS-SR.


The DOMINUS-K-SR is 5.45″ long, 1.8″ in diameter, and weighs only 10.0 ounces. This is 1.5″ shorter and 2.5 ounces lighter than the full-size version. When mounted, it adds only 4.87″ to the barrel overall length.

Just like its larger brother, the DOMINUS-K-SR is designed to withstand at least 10 cycles of the punishing SOCOM/SURG firing schedule, which earns it a hard-use/full-auto rating. It has our SR mount for precision-rifle-level accuracy along with positive retention.

The DOMINUS-K-SR meters at 145 dB (milspec left/right) and 134 dB at shooters-ear on a 20-inch .308 bolt-action rifle. This is roughly 4 dB quieter than the ULTRA 5 for the muzzle measurement.

On 10.3-inch MK18 (without any special tuning) shooting Mk318 5.56 ammunition, it meters at 145 dB muzzle (milspec left/right) and 144 dB at the shooter’s ear. Note that this is the same as the shooter’s ear dB for the full-size DOMINUS-SR for an untuned upper, which means that the shooter is experiencing primarily noise from the action as opposed to noise from the muzzle report.

For full product specifications, please visit the DOMINUS-K-SR Product Page on the TBAC web site.

We are accepting DOMINUS-K-SR orders immediately, subject to our existing production backlog. Orders already in our system can be swapped over to the DOMINUS-K-SR. The first batches of DOMINUS-K-SR should be available in late Q4 2020.