Posted By: Zak Smith on January 9, 2019

We are pleased to announce the new 338 ULTRA SR suppressor. This is the first suppressor to feature our “SR” mount. The SR mount is our “QD” style mount that maintains the absolute accuracy and repeatability standards we are known for while offering more rapid mounting and removal and featuring a Secondary Retention (“SR”) or “Locking” collar. This mount meets the mil spec represented in the 2017 Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) solicitication, and the 338 ULTRA SR is the suppressor that Accuracy International North America chose for their ASR rifle system submission.

The main feature of the SR mount is that it acts as a secondary, fail-safe, locking mechanism to retain the suppressor on the muzzle brake in all circumstances, unless explicitly removed on purpose, by hand. It also reduces the number of turns required to mount the suppressor due to a coarser thread and enables “Quick Mount” and “Quick Detach” functionality of the mount. The mount is mechanically very simply and user-level maintenance is possible.


The SR mount uses a novel paw and cam-path system to ensure that “full lock up” can happen in either of the two adjacent detent slots for any given final shouldering position of the suppressor on the conical brake shoulder. This categorically avoids the “off by one” problem that many “clicky” mounts have. The SR mount has the exact same accuracy, repeatability, and return-to-zero characteristics that all our precision suppressors are known for.

This mounting system is covered by US Patent 9,791,234.

For more details, please visit the 338 ULTRA SR Product Page.

The 338 ULTRA SR will be offered for sale starting the first morning of the 2019 SHOT Show (Jan 22nd). We will not accept orders, pre-orders, or backorders until then. We have a considerable stock of these available but after that initial stock is depleted, additional orders will be subject to our normal production backlog.