NFA items such as suppressors must be transferred through a local Class 3 SOT in your state. Your first step is to find an SOT.
There are two ways to order a sound suppressor:

1. Order through your local SOT. Go to your local friendly Class 3 SOT, tell them what you want, and have them order it from us. We'll bill them, and they'll bill you. You will have to pay local sales tax to the SOT.

2. Order from TBAC directly; use local SOT for transfer. If you feel more comfortable communicating directly with us, you can order directly from us and pay us. You still have to use a local SOT for the NFA transfer. The local SOT usually charges a transfer fee between $50 and $100.

Contact us via email (preferred) or phone to get an order started. Wyoming Resident Note: WY residents can buy NFA items from TBAC directly on a Form 4. Please contact us for details. For Wyoming residents who purchase firearms or silencers from us directly, you will have come to our facility to take delivery of your firearm or silencer.