We have discovered a welding fault present in a small fraction of the suppressors in some batches of Dominus and Ultra Gen2 suppressors that were manufactured in 2020.

We are recalling, for evaluation and, if necessary, repair certain batches of Ultra Gen2 and Dominus suppressors.

If a suppressor with the fault present is fired, one of the last couple welds may fail, causing it to lose, usually, the endcap and the last baffle. If this happens, the suppressor is still easily repairable. Our goal is to intercept and test all suppressors in affected batches, and repair those where the fault is present.

We have a fast, non-destructive method to test suppressors for the presence of this fault. All suppressors that fail this test will be repaired or replaced depending on the "Form" status.

If you have a suppressor affect by this recall, please do not fire it until it's been evaluated.

If you are waiting on a Form 4, we can get the RMA from your dealer and the suppressor can be evaluated (and repaired if necessary) while you are still waiting on the Form 4.

If you'd rather send it in when your Form 4 clears, that's fine, just don't shoot it until we've tested it.


Or you can just plug in your serial # lower down on this page to see if it's affected.

TBAC needs to evaluate suppressors in the following serial number ranges to determine if a specific unit has a fault present.

ULTRA GEN2 with serial number between C40001 - C42000

DOMINUS-SR, CB, and K-SR with serial number between C30001 - C42000
       also C10001-C10013; C10075-C10079; C20615


If you have a suppressor with a serial number in the affected range, please submit a Recall RMA as soon as possible. We will issue you a UPS label to ship it back to us at no cost to you. We will need a printed copy of the RMA, a copy of your Driver's License, and a copy of your Form 4 in the box. If the suppressor is still on a Form 3, your SOT dealer will have to submit their paperwork since it's still on their books.

Upon receipt, we will test your suppressor. If it passes our physical testing and examination, it will be returned very quickly.

If it fails our test because the manufacturing fault was present, we will completely rebuild your suppressor, keeping the original "key" serial-numbered part. This type of repair will result in one remaining visible weld that will make it cosmetically different from nonrepaired Ultra Gen2 (see picture). In these cases, we will compensate the suppressor owner / end-user with either: a "50% off" another TBAC suppressor of equal or lessor value; or two extra CB or SR brakes (there may be a backorder delay on these). This repair can be done without disturbing any "form" status.


The seam between the engraving and the "Ultra flutes" is now visible.


If the suppressor requires repair and the suppressor does not have a submitted Form 4, the best option is to have the dealer "Form 3" it back to us and we will ship out a brand new suppressor to replace it. This should follow our on-site evaluation.


As stated above, the test to determine if the fault is present can be done very quickly, with the suppressor returned in a day or two if it passes. However, suppressors that require the repair will have a delay of up to approx 6 weeks. Our aim is to keep this repair turnaround about 2 week or less, but the delay at any given time depends on our shop workload. We are pre-stocking repair parts to help keep this fast.


To determine if your Dominus or Ultra Gen2 suppressor is affected by this recall for evaluation, please enter your serial number below:

If so, you will be directed to the G2 RECALL RMA page. Please fill out this form electronically. Once you submit it, we will email you a UPS shipping label.


Suppressors that have been previously exported from the USA will need to be returned to an entity in the USA that legally possesses the suppressor on proper paperwork before we can receive the suppressor for thise recall. Please contact us for more details.