Zak, Which thread adapter does TBAC recommend?

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by Gungho03, May 9, 2012.

  1. Gungho03 New Member

    Hi Zak, I've read through the Blogs, and Forums on various sites and all are mixed with who's is best or who's won't damage a $1000.00 suppressor.

    30P-1 to be mounted onto AR-15.

    What say TBAC?
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Right now we're recommending the TROS one
  3. SCOTT VANSISE New Member

    Have you had good dealings with TROS for adapters? Honest and reliable? I only ask because they only take check or money order mailed to them. Thanks for your input before i order from them.
  4. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Several of our customers have purchased them with good results. I don't have any more information than that.
  5. EdM New Member

    I got a thread adapter from Tornado Technologies to use my 30P-1 on my AR-15 and it works nicely.
  6. Gungho03 New Member

    Hi Ed, I'm still waiting on our wonerful Government to grant me the papers for the 30p-1 (sarcasm). I ordered the thread adapter from TROS, extremely well crafted adapter, fits good on AR and thats where it ends. Have you used the set up yet? and the heat gauge gun?

    My dealer had a AAC shoot with 10 different suppressors and weapon variants, it was awesome to say the least. The .45 suppressor was used for 9mm,40,.22 and carbines very versatile and the sound suppression was excellent. Needless to say I'm jonesing for the 30P-1 for my AR and .300WM.
  7. EdM New Member

    I brought my new 30P-1 home in the afternoon so only did some limited shooting. Worked just fine with my Noveske AR, but with only a few shots I noticed the gas blow back so a gas buster charging handle is on my wish list. I was also surprised how much noise comes from the AR's bolt and being left handed the noise gets directed to my right ear. With standard .556 ammo, my AR sounded like an unsuppressed 22 LR. I can see the merits of the Noveske Switchblock - another item to add to my list.

    On my .308 bolt gun it was awesome and that's the main reason I got the 30P-1. I was shooting at water filled jugs at 100 meters with 180gr Sierra pro hunter bullets. The most prominent sound was that of the bullets hitting the jugs and it sounded like hitting a side of beef with a baseball bat. I was shooting amongst the trees so the supersonic crack of the projectile made a big WHOOSH sound - hard to describe. Shooting a bolt gun with a suppressor completely changes the experience - for the better!
  8. Gungho03 New Member

    Thanks for the description! I'm still counting down to December. A inexpensive fix to the charging handle is to use some black RVT or RTV, you can pull the handle back slightly with the bolt carrier group removed, degrease the handle in between the handle and upper receiver, squeeze some RTV in there and wait for it to dry completely, for a clean release from the upper reciver use a little petroleum jelly. We used this on our AR's in Quantico, they were loading compressed 80+GR projectiles to shoot from the 1000yd line. lots of powder, lots of smoke. There was a lot of soot and gas blowing back from the handles. Being it was the Marine Corps they fixed it as cheap as possible RTV. After it dries and you reassemble there should be some "bulge" in between it and the upper receiver that closes the gap. I looked on youtube but didn't see a video explanation, Good luck!
  9. EdM New Member

    Yup - I found the HOW-TO on using RTV. I will be going that route.
  10. CptCurl New Member

    Let me give a big "thumbs up" to TROS (Mark McWillis). I had him install an adaptor on a S&W M41 barrel. That's not an easy job. He did it promptly and beautifully, and for a very reasonable charge.
    Just recently I ordered an adapter from him to mount a Gemtech Mossad on a Colt M16A2 9mm SMG upper. It came in short order and is beautifully made.
    Mark is a good guy.

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