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Discussion in 'Silencers' started by Levi Williams, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Levi Williams New Member

    Levi Williams
    Do you know what is being done at the legislative level to allow the use of suppressors more here in Wyoming. As in being able to predator hunt with them or use them on state lands.
  2. Shane Coppinger Production

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    Shane Coppinger
    I know last year a group tried to get it looked at but didn't get in on time. I don't know if they are trying to get it in this years session or not. I'll try to make a couple calls today.
  3. Shane Coppinger Production

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    Shane Coppinger
    Well I didn't have to make the call, I got the call. Some people with the horse power to make something happen want a demo and some info.

    Anyway, good and bad news. The bad is nothing is in for this year. The good is they are trying to get enough together so it's not a question for next year.

    I'll keep this updated if anything changes.
  4. Shane Coppinger Production

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    Shane Coppinger
    Today I was givin the opportunity to speak to the Travel, Recreation and Wildlife committee. The director of Fish and Game was also there. I was able to answer a few questions and speak one on one with some members after the meeting. To me it looked like getting a bill into next years session has a pretty good chance.

    More to come...
  5. Levi Williams New Member

    Levi Williams
    I for one cant wait for this to hit our Legislature as I will be lobbying hard to get it passed. The simple fact that I would be so restricted in using them is what has kept me from purchasing them so far. Lame excuse I know but that is the truth. We can cross into SD a less gun friendly state and use suppressors but not here in WY. I hope the G&F sees this for the possitives and doesnt try to make it seem like every poacher in the county would be shooting with super ultra quiet suppressors on there guns. I hope they go in open minded and can learn. Thank you to all the guys at TBAC who are trying to get this passed for us and if there is anything some of the rest of us can do let us know.
  6. bigmac New Member

    Levi, I have a pretty good selection of TBAC's suppressors at the shop, feel free to give a call and I'd be happy to give a demo.
  7. Airedale56 New Member


    According to Bob from SFW you knocked it out of the park with your testimony in favor of suppressor use. So much so, it was made an Interim Study Topic to possibly/likely be introduced in the 2013 Legislature. Several Reps and Senators made favorable comments to me about your speaking and the use of suppressors being allowed for hunting next year. We'll see how it goes.

    Thanks for your help on such short notice.

  8. Levi Williams New Member

    Levi Williams
    Chuck, I might have to take you up on that someday. I really hope they can get this passed, then I will pick one up for sure.
  9. bigmac New Member

    Shane, thanks for the paperwork you gave Bob, it will go along way to helping get things legalized. As far as the local level, I am trying to get the local Gamewarden to agree and he keeps bringing up that poaching will be made easier. I keep telling him outlaws will always be outlaws, and why would anybody go through all the steps to get a suppressor just to poach a deer and therefore turning the poach into a felony with a manditory 5 yrs. Thanks again Shane.
  10. Levi Williams New Member

    Levi Williams
    The poaching issue is a crock of shit excuse that people will try to throw out there. There is no way someone is going to spend the money and go through all that paperwork just to hang a set of antlers on the wall. Suppressors will only benefit the general public, hunters and nonhunters alike. I see no downside to allowing the suppressors besides the excuses people will come up for the use of them brought on by ignorence and the knowledge they gain from watching hollywood movies.
  11. Shane Coppinger Production

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    Shane Coppinger
    Mac, ask your local Warden to call his counterparts in the surrounding legal states. Let him get the answer from them. I just threaded barrels and transferred a couple more cans to some of or DOW neighbors.
  12. Shane Coppinger Production

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    Shane Coppinger
    BTW, in hearing the Wyoming director speak on the subject and then when I spoke with him one on one he didn't seem to be against it. He seemed very reasonable on this and a couple other issues he was asked about by the committee.
  13. Airedale56 New Member

    It was good meeting you today at the demo for the TRW committee.
    I was the guy talking to you and Ray after the demo.
    Looking forward to the 30p-1 and the possibility of changing State Law re: suppressors for hunting.
    Thanks for the effort today. I think you made great points with the committee.
  14. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Good meeting you, John!
  15. Airedale56 New Member

    Well, it's over for this year. It was voted down. The bill won't make it out of Committee.

    This morning, the Travel Recreation and Wildlife committee heard testimony on the bill that WY Game & Fish wrote to allow for suppressor use in hunting.

    Although the WY Game & Fish Administration was "officially" neutral on the bill, the Game Warden's Association testified in opposition, claiming the use of a supressor is a "poacher's dream". According to a person there whom I spoke with, the Warden's representative offered no testimony as to how many poachers he had interviewed to gain that bit of concrete knowledge.

    Nor did he testify as to the difference between a law-abiding citizen who endured the time and expense of a background check to allow the ownership of a federally registered suppressor and the wanton criminal poacher that the Warden's apparently feel will run rampant across the state if the bill passes. In the (testifying) Warden's mind there is apparently no difference between the two, despite the fact that by definition one is a criminal and one is law-abiding. (I actually had a Warden tell me last year in a telephone conversation on the subject of suppressors that the background check was worthless. "You could wake up tomorrow and decide to poach." he told me. In the mind of our Game and Fish Wardens, it seems everyone is a criminal. I don't know how you feel about that but I'm not too pleased with being painted with that broad brush.)

    The Warden's group representative offered up evidence of past poaching cases (that didn't involve the use of suppressors) and inferred that it would be much worse if the law was changed to allow their use. Apparently the majority of the Committee members were influenced by the testimony.

    The opposition reminds one of the prognosticators who loudly proclaimed "blood in the streets " and "shootouts at traffic accidents" when WY was considering Concealed Carry with a Permit and again when WY was considering permitless concealed carry in the state for residents who didn't plan to carry outside the state. Neither predicted scenario has occurred as a result of allowing citizens to carry firearms, permitted or permitless, and I believe the crystal ball that the Warden's representative is using probably as cloudy.

    The state residents who wish to get this changed will have to get better organized and more vocal to seek the freedom to hunt / shoot in the state with suppressors. Because, according to a March 27, 2012 letter from the Chief Game Warden, "The legislative intent of the phrase "game fields and forests of Wyoming" is interpreted to mean any area in Wyoming where wildlife is or may be present." (emphasis added)

    He hasn't yet responded to my April 5, 2012 letter asking if ranges are exempt. See the following excerpt:

    Your response has brought up two more examples. I’m again asking your indulgence for clarification.

    Example 1: I’m at an established shooting range, shooting at paper targets with a taxed and registered silencer on my firearm. I have no intent to hunt or take any wildlife. While shooting, a cottontail rabbit (Small Game) shows itself within the confines of the closed and fenced range and begins eating grass. A Mourning Dove (Migratory Game Bird) flies over but does not land, looking for a place to take in gravel for its crop or get a drink of water from a puddle.

    Example 2: I’m on my own unfenced private property in rural subdivision of Laramie County (or any County in Wyoming) and decide to test fire a taxed and registered silencer equipped firearm by shooting it into the ground. I have no intent to hunt or take wildlife. A jackrabbit (predator under state law) is on my acreage, sitting quietly by observing me. Nearby, a Red Fox (predator under state law) watches the Jackrabbit, thinking about making a meal of it.

    Apparently, in both examples, by your agency’s strict interpretation of “legislative intent”, I would be in violation of established law and subject to arrest by a Game warden for a High Misdemeanor under state law, correct?

    Please address these examples in your reply.

    With no official reply, for now we should surely be cautious about even shooting at an established range
    in our great state.
  16. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Wow, that's incredible.

    If the idea that everyone might wake up and be a criminal tomorrow were valid, then we should disarm police too.
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  17. Airedale56 New Member

    Wow. Things change in just a couple of days.
    Now, Senator Ogden Driskill of Sundance introduced the same bill in the Senate that was shot down in the House TRW Committee.
    Hang on boys, it may be a wild ride.
    We (Wyoming suppressor owners) need to get organized, and fast.
    Anyone interested in getting this bill passed needs to contact their state senator and representatives.

    And I hope Shane/Zak/Ray will be available to testify....
  18. Ben in Powell New Member

    Ben in Powell
    Hey guys. I would love to work together with you on this legislation. John and Shane, thanks for all you are doing on this. I had secured time off to join you in Cheyenne on Thursday, but I will be 2 days late. If you hear of anything else I can do, please let me know. You two have my phone number. Anyone else, my email is allthingsprojectile at gmail.com If there will be another live-fire demo, please let me know. I can bring guns and cans. And DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL the senators on the TRW committee!
  19. Airedale56 New Member

    It passed the Senate committee and goes to the Senate floor next for discussion and possible amendments, etc...
    If it passes the Senate, it will go to the House Floor for the same procedure.
    At least it looks like it might get a straight up chance to modify the existing, poorly written law from 1921/1933.
    Thanks to Shane for his efforts on this .
  20. Airedale56 New Member

    It passed the Committee of the Whole today.

    NOW is the time to get support rallied

    Contacted mine with lots of info provided.
    Also, the American Silencer Association rep showed up today to lobby for passage of SF 132.
    Gaining some traction, I hope.

    Seriously, WYO residents as well as out of state suppressor owners who would like to hunt in WYO with a suppressor need to email reps and senators NOW.
    Email addresses are available at the Wyoming State Legislature website:


    Get busy folks


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