Why direct-attach instead of QD? What about Brake Attach?

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    On a precision rifle, a direct screw-on suppressor has the potential to be more accurate: it is more repeatable (return to zero), there are less moving parts, and less "interfaces" for inconsistency. This is the primary reason we prefer screw-on cans for precision rifles.

    Quick detach is kind of a misnomer, or at least is sets up a mistaken expectation. Once a suppressor is very hot, it is not coming off super quick, at least not unless you have a welding glove handy. Mounts notoriously accumulate carbon which can cause their mechanisms to malfunction. Depending on the thread pattern used, it takes literally only seconds to mount a direct screw-on suppressor.

    There are certain applications where a muzzle brake is desired; for example, a muzzle brake on a .338LM rifle that must be shot without the suppressor. Our solution to this problem is the "BA" series of silencers. These silencers mount to our proprietary muzzle brake and have the same rock-solid repeatability and lock-up as our direct thread-attach silencers.

    The 338BA silencer can be mounted on a 30BA muzzle brake, but the 30BA cannot be mounted on the 338BA muzzle brake, so you can get maximum use out of your 338BA suppressor. We also have 30BA brakes in 1/2-28, so you can use your 30BA on a .223/5.56 rifle.

    The BA series of silencers comes with a peel washer for correct timing.

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