Which Suppressor is best, i.e. quietest?

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    Good afternoon,

    We will soon be receiving a Tactical Rifle M40A5 in .300 Win Mag and need a suppressor for the application. We understand the 30P-1 is rated up to .300 WM but also understand that suppressor volumn may have an impact on sound levels. So we are asking these questions.

    Which suppressor, the 30P-1 or the 338P-1, would be better, quieter, for the .300 Win Mag?
    If it is quieter, what are the sound levels or how much quieter is it?
    In your opinion, would this reduction in sound level be justified by the increased cost?
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    Zak Smith

    The 338P-1 will be quieter than a 30P-1 on a .300 WM. I can't give you exact numbers because we haven't metered all the sub-bore combinations, but I'd estimate the larger can should be approx 3-5 dB quieter.

    The 338P-1 is a much larger and more expensive suppressor. The 30P-1 is definitely makes a more compact package and it's approx 10 oz lighter. If you are going to shoot .300WM in addition to 6.5mm, 7mm, and .308's, I'd recommend the 30P-1. If additional cartridges would include .300 ultra-magnums or any of the .338's, I'd recommend the 338P-1.

    Hope this helps

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