What's your favorite Thunder Beast Silencer model?

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by Zak Smith, May 6, 2011.

  1. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    For me, there are two.

    First, the 30P-1. It is my "go to" silencer for precision and long-range shooting on the .308, .260 Rem, and 7mm RM. It works great and is versatile.

    Second, the 22S-1. I like this little suppressor because it doesn't add a lot of weight to my Pac-Lite Ruger 22/45 pistol, and I can plink all day without additional hearing protection (using subsonic ammo).

    What's yours?
  2. Jeff Resident capitalist

    • Thunder Beast Shooter
    I have a 22S-1 on my son's bull barreled 10/22 in a McBros stock and it's great! My son loves to shoot this rifle and suppressor combo. There is something very gratifying about seeing a nine year old spend hours shooting steel with a 22 LR.

    I also am very pleased with the 30P-1 on my 308s and 260s. The 223P-1 is great on the AR and the 338P-1 really smoothes out the recoil impulse on the 338 LM.
  3. Austin Angus New Member

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    Austin Angus
    Definitely my 30P-1 although my 22L is a close second. My 30P-1 has been on a .223, 6.8spc, .308, 7wsm, and 7mm RM. It works awesome.
  4. Ray Sanchez Sales & Demos

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    Ray Sanchez
    30P-1 is hard to beat. Mine spends a lot of time on my 260 and 7wsm. It makes it so easy to shoot well with no blast or recoil to deal with.
  5. Irisharrow New Member

    30P-1...Eh, what the heck they are all good!
  6. Tom Brannan New Member

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    Tom Brannan
    Call me old school… but I love my 30P every bit as much as my 30P-1.
  7. Wendell Sullivent New Member

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    Wendell Sullivent
    My 338P-1 is my favorite because of recoil ,noise and dust reduction allowing me to retain cheek weld. But hey I just bought my second 30P-1, these things are addictive!
  8. pacecars New Member

    • Thunder Beast Shooter
    Right now my favorite is the first and only one I own, a 22L-1. It is an amazing can on both a Pac-Lite Riger 22/45 and a WhistlePig barrelled 10/22
  9. scap99 New Member

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    My 30P-1 is treating me real well. I don't have anything else to compare it to right now, but like any addiction, I'm hunting for my next "fix" while still high on this one.
  10. Ken Kwiat New Member

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    Ken Kwiat
    As a 30P user on a .260, I love that can. I've never shot a round through my current barrel that didn't pass thru the 30P. It absolutely performs exactly as I expect it to in terms of sound/flash reduction. And, it's a damn effective brake/comp for staying on target.
    I have a couple of non-TBAC cans: a AAC m4-2000 for .223 and a Silencerco Sparrow (.22lr). If I could do it over again, I would have gone with the TBAC for these cans as well. Other features came into play (e.g., QD and take down advantages of the Sparrow) that I'm not benefiting from as I thought I would. Direct attach works great on my LR rifle. I'll likely be adding a 30P-1 to the collection for a AR10 in .260 when budget permits.
  11. david griffith New Member

    david griffith
    I only own one can and it is a 30p-1. I recently had a comment at the range that my .308 was quieter than his .223 with his his can. Could not be happier with it.
  12. lobster New Member

    I would like to have a 30 P in Titainium. I find that w/ a good can I can watch the vapor trail to the target and keep on target through the recoil
  13. James New Member

    The 30 P-1 seems to be very popular. How would anyone contrast it to the 30 BA?
  14. James New Member

    Is there any difference in POI when using the 30 P-1 versus the 30 Ba?
  15. Zak Smith Operations

    • Instructor
    Zak Smith

    The 30BA has the same accuracy, repeatability, and sound suppression as the 30P-1.

    POI shift is similar from nonsuppressed to suppressed with each system.

    hope this helps
  16. sib1948 New Member

    Can't wait to order my 338BA suppressor for my MRAD. Will also be using it on my RW Snyder 308 and the MRAD 308 barrel, when they become available. Wouldn't consider anything else !
  17. Ray Sanchez Sales & Demos

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    Ray Sanchez
    338BA on the MRAD is pretty awesome. I've had a preproduction MRAD we've been shooting a 338BA on for about a year now. I get 2750 fps with the 300 scenars and it's only a 24" barrel. I love the setup.
  18. sib1948 New Member

    Ray, Thanks for the info. Will stretch her out to 1000 yards for the first time this weekend in a local LR class. Should be fun and very educational. Your suppressor will be my next purchase. Thanks for all your great information on this growing sport. I hope the Election turns out well today, as I expect it will.
  19. Ray Sanchez Sales & Demos

    • Instructor
    Ray Sanchez
    I hope your class turned out better than the election:evil:
  20. sib1948 New Member

    Class turned out great and shot my first prone FTR 500 yard match yesterday with 15 mph crosswind. In addition, to all the technical factors, there's a lot of learned skill (art) that goes into this sport as you well know. Lots of fun and comraderie.

    As far as the election, I have decided here in Arizona, it's time to learn Spanish and learn how to successfully game the system. It won't be easy to break old work habits, but I guess there must be an ART to that too.

    Anyway, all the help from you guys has been greatly appreciated and will be ordering my TB suppressor soon !!!

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