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Discussion in 'Silencers' started by 6.5dude, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. 6.5dude New Member

    does anyone know wait times on getting back in stock or how I can get one ordered silencer shop told me they r not evenin doing back orders now because they don’t when they will have any thanks lookin for a 9 cb
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    This page has a lot of information that should answer many of your questions


    We can't control if Silencer Shop takes backorders.

    Each order in our system has an ETA that is typically pretty accurate.

    We ship cans every day to dealers in the order they submitted orders, so check that Availability page to see who might have or might be getting what you need.
  3. 6.5dude New Member

    Thank u so much I can’t wait to join the team I found one and got i already got the paper work going I almost made the mistake of getting a omega 300 because every were I was calling including silencer shot was saying no back orders and when I got ahold of a guy as I was pulling up to buy a omega and that one guy had one just like I wanted and my day just got way better and I ain’t even got it and I’m sure the wait will b killer lol thanks again Zach
  4. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith

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