Use of 30P-1 with semi-auto AR

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by EdM, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. EdM New Member


    The product sheet for the 30P-1 says "limited" semi-auto.

    I plan to use the 30P-1 on my AR. I'm not going to be doing mag dumps, but I will be doing some action type shooting where you shoot 20 rounds in a course of fire which takes less than a minute. The time between courses of fire is about 45 minutes depending on the number of shooters. Will that be OK?

  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    That should be fine. Just keep its temperature under about 800-900 *F.
  3. EdM New Member

    Excellent - thanks for the quick reply. Now I have a reason to purchase an Infrared thermometer gun!
  4. Leo Ahearn New Member

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    Leo Ahearn
    If you get some time, see if you can locate the owner's manual for the KAC EMR. It has specific rate of fire guidelines for their accuracy intended large frame AR, including the M110 SWS.

    The low round count per minute will surprise you.

    My point is, the 30P-1 is intended for accuracy platforms, regardless of the mechanism - manual or semi-auto. The can will withstand use well past practical and into the abuse category without failure.
  5. Wayuphigh New Member

    What can you expect for effectiveness if you use an adapter to run the 30P-1 on a .223 AR? Semi-auto...
  6. bigmac New Member

    They work just fine, or the ones I've used do. We shoot alot of faster 22 cal stuff through the 338 cans and find them to be quieter, I think the larger volume helps with the larger cartridges. Just my $.02
  7. rlr4 New Member

    Purchased a 223P-1 for an MR556A1. It mentions semi-auto use in the flyer. The 30P-1 mentions limited semi-auto use. How worried should I be about emptying a magazine through it?
  8. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    That's fine, just let it cool
  9. SCOTT VANSISE New Member

    Would my 30p-1 be ok to use on an ar pistol in 5.56 with a 7 inch barrel? I would use a tros thread adapter.
  10. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    The 30P-1 is not recommended on barrels that short

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