Ultra for Bolt Gun and 300 Blackout SBR?

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by 78Staff, Jan 21, 2018.

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    New guy here - joining to do some research as my local shop highly recommends the TB Ultra series for Bolt Guns. Have a few Suppressors already in 223/556 - an Ops Inc on a MK18 Clone and a Socom-RC on a MK18/BK II Clone that also does double duty on a "standard" AR as well.

    Looking to get into a .30 cal suppressor than can be run on a few rifles - .308 Bolt Gun (Rem 700), 6.5CM RPR, and a 300 Blackout 8". Generally down to the Ultra 7" or 9" - If I was only using on the two bolt guns, most like the 9" would be the clear choice - but since I also would like to run it on an 8" 300BO, the 7' comes into play as well.

    So, I guess it comes down to...any issues running subs on an 8" barrel w/Ultra-9? I see Zak recommends the 7" for 300BO, which is the wildcard here - it will only run subs, no supers. 9" just seems too long to hang off an SBR.

    Ideally, I would run a Ultra-9 6.5 on the RPR, and Ultra 9 .30 on the Rem700 and then maybe something else on the 300BO, but at this point trying to determine one model to support all 3. I have a feeling the best compromise here is the Ultra 7 .30 cal, but figured I would ask for other opinions :)
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    Zak Smith
    Your call, the 9" will suppress 300 BO very well, it just comes down to the length you can put up with

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