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  1. EdM New Member

    For those looking for threading options, I just had a threading job done by Tornado Technologies in Oregon. I have never seen a nicer threading job. However, they do take a while so plan ahead.

    My 30P-1 is still at the dealer waiting for my Form 4 to clear. The wait is killing me!!!!!!!!!! I am planning a trip to the dealer to at least pay a visit so my 30P-1 does not feel abandoned.
  2. Justin heath New Member

    Justin heath
    I have G.A.P. in Kansas City thread all of my guns. When you get them back with the thread protector on it you can't even tell they have been threaded.
    Every time I have dropped a couple off they are done within a week.


  3. EdM New Member

    Sent two more rifles over to Tornado on July 23 to get threaded. Got a call the other day that they were done - just over a week. That was fast!
  4. EdM New Member

    FINALLY I got my can! My 30P-1 screws on perfectly to the barrels that Tornado Technologies threaded.
  5. Justin heath New Member

    Justin heath
    Good thread job feels so good. :)
  6. Brett Howard New Member

    Brett Howard
    I've taken my LTR out to Darrell Holland in Powers, OR. Still got quite a bit of wait on my 30P-1 but I'll have one of Darrell well reviewed brake's to play with until it arrives. I'll report back with feedback but I have a feeling based on things I've heard from others he'll do a very good job.
  7. Justin heath New Member

    Justin heath

    Are the all the cans threaded to class 3? (22 cal, .223 cal.)
  8. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
  9. Justin heath New Member

    Justin heath
    Thank you. You have added lots of stuff since my last visit.
    Getting ready to pull the trigger on the 22 and 223 cans.
  10. Steve Poland New Member

    Steve Poland
    Just ordered a 30p-1 with m18x1 threads. I'm primarily going to use it on an Armalite AR10T with a stainless barrel that is .8 inches at the muzzle. Are there any issues with my plan? The silencer didn't have the 5/8x24 in stock. Zack, your thoughts are welcome!
  11. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    No problem technically, but you are locking yourself into a non standard thread pattern. I would strongly recommend to get it switched to a 5/8-24 version.
  12. rlr4 New Member

  13. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    The threads are "probably" fine. If you wanted to check 100%, you could have a machinist use thread wires or a thread micrometer to measure the pitch diameter of the threads and examine the muzzle arrangement in comparison to our print.

    If you screw it on with almost no pressure the likelihood of getting it stuck is very low.

    Also, make sure it shoulders directly against the barrel shoulder. Then check alignment from the breech end using the method described in the manual.

    If you have any questions along the way just give us a call

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