Thoughts on Horus optics..or: I'm done with NightForce forever

Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by asmotao, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. asmotao New Member

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    Zak (and/or anyone else with thoughts),

    I have a NightForce NXS mounted on my Sig SSG-3000 and basically like it quite a bit. However I wanted to get my turrets moved over to .1 Mil-Rad (currently .250 MOA) and sent NightForce an email early last year (March 2011) to ask about timelines and costs. They said they could do it - but that they were not accepting any RMA's until 1/2/2012 due to all the military orders they are filling. Sucks for me - but okay. I ping them a couple of more times through the year just to see if timelines have changed - always get the same response about things getting back on track in 2012.

    I emailed them today to ask about getting an RMA to get the work done and they respond back with: "Our current lead time is estimated at 24 weeks and is subject to change with new military orders - We anticipate that our lead times will not fall below 20 weeks through May of 2012". Long story short they have lost a customer forever and I want to go with something else (I cant have my best glass off my rifle for 6+ months - I'd go crazy).

    I have shot with a buddy's USO SN3 and really like it and was just going to go that direction (or possibly a S&B PM II LP if I can find one to look through before ordering). But I started looking around and came across Horus's HDMR with the H59 reticle - for a price well below a decked out SN3/PM II.

    I was wondering if you had come across the HDMR and if so what your thoughts were. I'm just a 500-700 yard plinker type but I am trying to work on my abilities to get out farther. I am beginning to see the light on the whole Horus reticle concept and would like my next scope to use that kind of reticle setup.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Keep making great cans - I love my TBAC stuff.
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Most of our instructors have trained on and used the Horus reticles to some extent. I shot one of them in a USO SN3 for a year. They are good for rapid engagements of large targets, especially targets that have good contrast against the background. When these conditions are not met, the reticle meets its limitations rather sharply, in my opinion. I used an H25 and the main reticle lines were too thick and would easily obscure even moderate size targets. Most of us have gone to mil-based reticles with thin lines and at least 1/2 mil hash marks or mil-dots. Some of us use the MOA/MOA versions with the same criteria, but I personally think mil is the way to go.

    The Horus scopes themselves will be lower quality than USO or SB. I shoot SB, a lot of us shoot USO too. Hard to go wrong with either.
  3. asmotao New Member

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    Thank you for your insight. Might I ask what reticle your using with your SB's? Both the P3 and P4 look really 'heavy' to me (from what I see on the interwebs). I currently shoot the with the MLR.
  4. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
  5. badshot338 New Member

    Hey OP. That message about the 24 week lead time was regarding new optic orders for dealers. It was a clause. They were quoting about 8 weeks at the time. I sent my scope in in the middle of January and got it back in a month. To bad you passed judgement on a great company because you didn't pay close enough attention.
  6. asmotao New Member

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    The high lead time was for RMAs. Sold my scope to a buddy of mine. He sent it off in late Feb. NF still has it - and does not have an expected date of completion.

    When I talked to the NF rep at SHOT they told me that they were completely over run w/ RMAs and didn't have an end in site.

    Still glad I sold it. Now if only my PMII would show up.
  7. badshot338 New Member

    I hate to call you out there buddy but I don't think your telling the truth. I still have the old emails from when I got my RMA and jthey quoted me 8 weeks the first week in January and they beat that lead schedule by half. I think your covering your tracks for jumping to an incorrect conclusion. Enjoy your non-tracking POI shift queen when it shows up.
  8. Rich S. New Member

    Rich S.
    Just getting into LRRM and too looking into best optics to get and best reticle
  9. teryxman New Member

    He said he was waiting for a PMII, which would be a Schmidt. Nothing, I mean nothing holds POI like a Schmidt. I have shot them all with my "job" (Hensoldt, US Optics, Night Force, Leupold (including the Mark 8), SB PMII, Premier, etc) and when everything is riding on it, I would prefer it to be using a Schmidt (and of course Surgeon Remedy, AI or Rem MSR 338 Lapua with PLRF, Kestrel Horus (or Kestrel with Trimble depending on how much kit I want to carry) on a solid rest (prefer Atlas). Nothing is wrong with a NF for competition except I wouldn't be a fan of the second focal plane but now they have the Beast coming out which would alleviate that. Not trying to start an argument but let's be real, SB is hands down the best scope out there with NF's new BEAST probably going to give it a run for the money, only time will tell. Stay safe, OUT

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