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    I just finished the TBAC training class in Logan NM. I'm new to long distance shooting so I thought I'd post in case others out there are surfing the internet looking for classes like I was. I highly recommend this class and I plan to do another one in the future.

    My instructor was Brian (his bio is on the TBAC web page) and he was assisted by a guy named Aaron, also a competitive shooter. The instruction was a perfect mix of in-class, in-the-field, hands-on, and hands-off training. We got instruction on gear, set up, ballistics, shooting technique and every other aspect of long range shooting. I wouldn't change anything from class. I'm amazed at the way complicated information was packaged and distilled in an understandable way. Also, given shooting can be a bit intimidating, I should note that there was no ego in the classes, the instructors were welcoming, patient, had good senses of humor and were really tolerant. Not sure you could find better instructors. I'm going through my notes now and I'm still impressed at the information, tools, and techniques we were given over three days. I'm entering a few competitions this year and Brian designed a few setups that mimicked a competition setting, we did timed shooting, got instant feedback, and got to do it again (and again). When a guy was struggling with a target the instructors would spot for him, helping him with his wind and elevation calls until he got on it; explaining the holdovers and his thinking along the way. This process was really valuable. The instructors would also watch guys shoot and help with their mechanics so that overall you often had two-coach scrutiny and that was great.

    The facility in NM is amazing. There is a house in which we did classroom work in the comfort of a cool room with a big screen to show us exactly how to manipulate ballistics software. 50 yards in one direction there is a range that we zeroed in at and used for practicing technique from prone, seated, and other "interesting" positions. 10 yards the other way there is a KD range with very clear targets out to 1000 and a really comfortable area to practice shooting prone, to gather data for truing up data cards, and for continued practice. Behind that KD range (we drove but you could walk) is an amazing ranch filled with targets spread everywhere over beautiful terrain -- hills, bushes, trees, rocks, wash outs, valleys, everything. I don't think you could design a better set up.
    I could go on but this is along post already. If you're out there looking for a class on long range shooting, I fully recommend this one. I left with more information than I anticipated and it was a really great experience for me.
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