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    I am considering purchasing an ultra sonic cleaner to clean my suppressors. I have shipped one back to you before...but I really don't like shipping suppressors as they are out of my control and I don't want them lost.

    What ultrasonic cleaner do you all use to clean suppressors?

    I don't want to buy junk and am willing to spend the money for what will work the best...however I don't need a huge one either. 338 ultra is the biggest thing I will use it for.

    Is there one that you would recommend that might be smaller than yours but just as effective at cleaning.
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    I am "new" to the titanium suppressor world. I have on order, a 6.5 ULTRA 9 SUPPRESSOR. My previous experience is with
    Gemtech HVTs. Yes, I know, a world of difference, as in years passed, and technology greatly improved...

    Will my Thunder Beast 6.5 Ultra 9 Suppressor, with it's quick detach feature, come with comprehensive maintenance instructions?
    I'll be sixty-nine years old, the end of this month, November 2018. Any and all help, advice, instruction, you can provide, will be
    gratefully received. I intend spending my days shooting, whenever the weather, and transportation to the range, permit. With
    technology having moved so far, it's an exciting time to be a shooter.

    Thank-You for your time and kind consideration.

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