Some silencers have a "cold bore" or "first round" POI shift. Do yours?

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    I know that some have seen these effects with other cans, or that it can take a few rounds for the suppressor to "settle" to the POI after being just screwed on.

    We have never had our cans do that. We shoot cold bore to the same POI as the 10th or 20th round fired-- but of course this depends on having a rifle that is thermally stable. Our guns don't have a different "cold POI" with the suppressor off either. The matches that we shoot typically have 30-60 minutes between 6 or ten-round strings, and having a drifting POI due would just kill us.

    I would just note that if you have a rifle that has a cold bore shift without the suppressor, it's logical that the suppressor would make it worse because of the additional heat retained by the can, and the extra weight on the end of the barrel.

    We specifically avoid some design elements that can potentially harm accuracy, and our cans are very lightweight. It is possible that those items affect the cold bore issue, but like I said, we don't see the cold bore POI issue with our match bolt rifles without suppressors either.
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