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  1. Laughing_jackal New Member

    What do you guys recommend for solid shooting sticks for practical field use? I've been looking around, and it seems like there are a lot of options. I'm definitely looking for something solid that's not going to collapse down when pressure is applied, as well as something that isn't going to take up a ton of room or weight for possible adventure race type events. I'm looking to pick up in the near future and get to practicing, as I'm sure these do take some skill/practice to use effectively. As far as my rifle goes, I'll be using a DTA SRS or an AR most the time (If that even makes a difference).

  2. Win94ae New Member

    I made my own that I use in the sitting position.

    I tried to copy these ones.

    I don't know what brand name those are, but they use them with a lot of success. You could ask there, they are receptive to comments.
  3. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
  4. Laughing_jackal New Member

    Thanks for both of those replies! I went ahead and ordered a pair of those Compact Polecat bipods and they should be here today. I'm definitely looking forward to training with them as I'm sure it's a whole other ball-game compared to just shooting in the prone.

    Would you also recommend getting a taller version for standing, or are the compact size about the perfect height?
  5. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    I would like to see a post after you've tried them.
  6. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    If your rifle target is old leaf springs, you MIGHT be a redneck : )
  7. Laughing_jackal New Member

    I did go with those Compact Polecats. I haven't got to actually go and shoot with them yet, but I have been dry firing with them. With a back pack on my lap in conjuction with the sticks, I can get a pretty sturdy position setup. However, it does take some practice, and I need to get a solid sling so I can practice without also relying on a bag. With using just the sticks without a sling or back, I definitely can't get a super solid position.

    They are extremely light weight and fairly quick to deploy. Once you get them locked in and tight, they are pretty solid. The way they unscrew was kind of interesting to me, and not quite what I expected. Overall, I've been pretty happy with them, but really need to practice more and take them out with some real rounds down range.

    Unfortunately, with our current affairs, it's hard to get stuff to reload, so it's kind of hindering my progress at the moment... Which is EXTREMELY frustrating.

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