SBR's and Type II engagments

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    How much of a handicap would a 12.5” match barrel be for Type II engagements? Assuming a good match grade barrel and quality (sub moa) handloads.

    My current working AR has a Gemtech HALO installed 99% of the time. I have gone from an 18” Douglas upper to a 16” Noveske and am waiting on the paperwork for my SBR Colt. I am wondering how much of a ballistic handicap I will be at going from a 16” to 12.5 or 10.5” barrel?

    A 16” upper with 7” additions on the suppressor makes for a cumbersome package getting in and out of the truck a dozen times in a day or trying to shoot a running coyote out the window quickly without busting the mirror. I am hoping to shorten the OAL without ballistically hamstringing myself to bad.

    With a 200y zero how many additional MOA or Mils would I be low at 400y shooting 75/77 Match? Just an estimate. Would switching to a 55-68gr Ballistic tip or Match bullet help any?
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    Zak Smith
    There will be a ballistic disadvantage but it won't be dominant until you get out to 400+ yards.
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    You will probably lose about 200 fps, shortening the SAME barrel by 4", but diff barrels give diff velocities. Your 12" barrel is not going to reliably expand a 77 gr hp beyond 200 yds, for certain, so you will be just crippling/losing coyotes hit at that range and beyond. You need at least 1800 fps of impact speed for that, and basically, such a short 223 aint got a lot of power, even at 100 yds. It'll be pretty marginal for reliable stops of coyotes, especially with the poor hits that go hand in hand with shooting at fleeing critters, unless it's a nearly dead straightaway sort of shot. Maybe you don't care about that? Anyway, going with a lighter bullet might help, especially with a powder/load specifically worked up for that short barrel? Take a look at AA2520, if you can find some.

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