Results from April 2012 Combat Biathlon

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    Zak Smith

    Procedure was to run approx 1 mile, then engage 6 targets. For each target un-hit, do 5 Thrusters holding the rifle; feet must leave the ground at the top of the thruster. Repeat entire sequence 5 times.

    1. Beau Robbins 58:40

    1. John Murphy 1:22.11
    2. Jeff Fox 1:22:50
    3. RJ Dussart 1:27.08
    4. Ron Fish 1:31.03
    5. Gary Dean 1:36.20
    6. Shawn Malloy 1:40.30
    7. Jeremy Harrel 1:40.35
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
  3. quickdraw New Member

    This a beautiful range and it was a great match by great people. A definite test of physical skill and shooting ability, a great way to test yourself.

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