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Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by jaycoux, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. jaycoux New Member

    First, thank you for so much indirect help getting me started into this sport. I bought my first LR rifle and scope based on your articles back in 2009. I picked up an AIAW and put on a SB 3-12 and it has served me well.

    I was in the market for a new scope for my 338LM and was wondering if you still thought the PM2 was the best thing going?

    Today, there are alot of scopes that have the required features for practical LR shooting. How do they fit in? Do you have experience with these new entries and are they worth a look?
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    The PM2 is still an awesome scope and would be what I'd buy again now, however, I might look at one of their newer expanded magnification range scopes provided the exit pupil and eye relief was the same as the 3-12 and 5-25.

    There are a lot of great new scopes on the market now!

    One of the best values for sure is the Steiner Military
  3. jaycoux New Member

    Thanks Zak. Always appreciate your advice.
  4. jaycoux New Member

    A few more things....

    Do you have an opinion on the MTC locking turrets? I really liked the older DT turret but they do not offer it on the 3-20. Also, do you still prefer the P4f? The MSR is intriguing to me, as well as h2cmr
  5. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    I do still prefer the P4F. Simple and clear.

    I do not prefer the MTC knobs but it's not a big deal. I heard from someone at SB-USA that they could effectively disable the additional retention on the full mil clicks.
  6. Laughing_jackal New Member

    I had an S&B 4-16x42 PMII with P4F Reticle, and it served me very well. However, I wanted something with a half mil marker from the center, and I heard how awesome the new NF ATACR F1s were supposed to be. So, I sold my S&B and went with the 5-25 NF ATACR F1 with MIL-R Reticle. I used the NF for about two weeks, regretted selling my S&B, and have already got rid of my NF and going back to S&B. This time, I'm going with a 5-25 DT with H2CMR reticle.

    Moral of the story for me is that S&Bs are still the best in my opinion, and I made a big mistake by trying to go away from them. Even though the new NF is touted to have amazing glass, a forgiving eyebox, and a great reticle, it still wasn't comparable to the S&B I had.
  7. cro789 New Member

    • I have the opportunity to get an older US Optics SN3 3.2-17 ERGO and would like your opinion on that scope. I have the t-pal and LR25 t-pal and wondering if I would like the ERGO. I have a person who is going to trade the scope to me for my Steiner T5xi 5-25. And my Ultra 9 made it to my dealer and now the wait on you know who. Thanks
  8. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Many loved the ERGO! My USO scopes were ERGO. As far as I know, it i simpler optically, but just harder to "reach" when in shooting position
  9. cro789 New Member

    Which scope do you prefer today? I know that might be a loaded question.
  10. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    My favorite all around is still the 3-12x50mm S&B PMII DT CW P4-fine

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