PFR 101 Recap - Big K Ranch, Elkton OR 10/4-10/6

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  1. thenouveaujaeger New Member

    Hi y'all. I just wanted to leave a glowing review of the Practical Field Rifle class with the TBAC guys out in Elkton, OR.

    I'm a pretty experienced competitive shooter, but my farthest shot was about 275 yards. Day 1 I was hitting a 700 yd steel target, Day 3 I hit the 970 yard target.

    Rather than re-writing my write-up and reposting all the photos I'll just link straight to my recap:
    Day 1 and 2:
    Day 3

    Class photo


    I'd like to thank Shane and Raydog for being such excellent instructors, Kathie from the Big K for being such a gracious hostess, Dave for organizing everything, and Zak for lending me his AI AW. The 30-BA Thunder Beast Suppressor made the thing a joy to shoot and is now the first item on my Christmas wish list.

  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Great report, thanks.
  3. Capt Academy New Member

    Capt Academy
    This looks like it would be a blast! I plan on attending some of the classes in NM.

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