New 30P-1 - Thanks and a host question

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by maladat, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. maladat New Member

    I received my new 30P-1 last week and took it this weekend to shoot for the first time with some friends. It's a great can, thanks for making such a fantastic product!

    I shoot a pretty lightweight 6.5 Creedmoor with a 20" barrel. The 30P-1 drops the recoil to almost nothing and, while the gun is still loud, it completely eliminates the concussive blast. Since those are the two things that prompt flinching, the suppressor makes it easier to shoot the gun well. I was out with friends and got to the rifle towards the end of our range trip so I just checked zero and shot a five-round group of about 1/2 MOA at 100 yards and let my friends take over. I was shooting the Hornady factory 120gr AMAX load. Good stuff, and now that they've legalized hunting with suppressors in Texas I am even more excited.

    My host question was this - my father in law just gave me his old T/C Contender pistol, and in line with suppressors being legal for hunting in Texas (along with the "shits and giggles" factor) I was wondering if the 30P-1 would be safe to use on a 10 or 12 inch .30-30 barrel. Given it's rated for .300 Win Mag I can't imagine it wouldn't be fine but I figured I would ask just to make sure.
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    Zak Smith
    With .30-30, it will be fine.
  3. maladat New Member

    Thanks for the quick response!

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