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  1. Scott M Bainbridge New Member

    Scott M Bainbridge
    I have a LRB action with Wolfe 5r 22 med weight barrel and delta p adaptor. Rifle shoots great for a m1a, until suppressor is added. This is the second barrel, first with a krieger and sei adaptor, shot 2-3 moa at 100 yards and 6 moa with can on. The new barrel shoots 15 inch groups. No sign of instability at 100 yards on target, no keyholing just straight through shots. No baffle strikes but there is a bit of copper build up on last baffle of can. Range rod 30 cal showed no alignment issues with Wolfe barrel/delta p adaptor. I build this rifle to shoot suppressed only and can't with it shooting like this. Any suggestions??? Scott
  2. Scott M Bainbridge New Member

    Scott M Bainbridge
    Second reply, My 30P1 is the issue. I shot the rifle this am with a Silerco omega (yeah, I know the competition) but no poi shift unlike the 15 inch spread with my 30P1. Something definately going on inside the tbac??? I sent the can back this am. Scott
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    Zak Smith
    The most likely case is that the adapter was not aligning it right. We'll take a look at the can.

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