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Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by Anthony Moore, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    A few months ago I bought a Ruger Gunsite Scout 308 and started the paperwork for a 30P-1 in black Titanium. I am looking at this combination to shoot to 350 - 400 yards maximum for hunting and plinking although most of my shooting will be under 250 yards.

    Although I have many years of shooting experience, I have recently become enamored of long-range shooting. Those of you who ride motorcycles may have heard the advice "learn on a bike you will grow out of, not one you have to grow into" I look at this as the long-range gun that I will outgrow. Besides, I really can't afford to plunk down $4,000-5,000 on a new rifle & scope.

    The Gunsite has one of the best out of the box stock triggers I have experienced (not counting custom high-end of course). At present it has a Redfield Revolution 2 X 7 X 33 with the accu-range reticle. I chose this scope because it's clarity and forgiveness were excellent for the price and because it fit.

    I chose to go with the rear scope position which limited my scope choice with the factory rings due to the clearance at the objective. Notice that the mounts are different heights. Does anyone know if I can buy a taller set if I want to put a more powerful scope on?

    With a better scope, say 18 power, what do you think the practical range of this rifle is?

    I can't wait to get my 30P-1 (hopefully in August) its gonna look Schweet!

    BTW, I ditched the goofy 10 round steel magazine in favor of the polymer 5 round.
    gunsite scout.JPG
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    If you had a scope with external knobs, a 20" .308 can make hits at 1000 yards.
  3. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    The Gunsite Scout has a 16.5" barrel so 700 ish?
  4. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    It'll be pushing it but yeah
  5. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
  6. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    It just has different knob caps that have markings that correspond to different common cartridges. These generally work if you stick to those loads and are shooting at large targets. You can always just use the MOA marks on the scope with any data card, but the clicks on that one are 1MOA per click.
  7. jfarr New Member

    As for an entry rig to "outgrow", I would personally go longer bbl than 20" knowing what I now know. I got a good buy on a new 700P LTR 20" barreled action and dropped it in a new B&C stock. Have taken it to a couple marksmanship courses at Whittington Center and got repetitive hits after spotter and I figured out the wind out to 1200yds on approx 1.5-2.0 MOA sized steel plate targets. Shooting 175gr SMK's in a 1:10 twist barrel. It was my "entry" setup and I still have a long time to outgrow it and develop my own skills, but I already wish I had gotten a bit longer barrel.

    Also, I now the market prices are crazy right now, but my friend picked up a Savage 12 LRP in .260 Rem with a 26" hvy fluted barrel for less than $950 not too long ago.
    Savage also has several Model 10 options in .308 in their "law enforcement" category (just in name, civilian sales ok) that are reasonably priced and have a good reputation.

    With either a Rem 700 platform or a Savage 10 their are many options as well for aftermarket chassis systems or high performance stocks that would allow you to possibly use the same action and upgrade stock/chassis and eventually re-barrel, blueprint the action, upgrade trigger, etc.

    As for the $4-5K you mention, you can spend that easily; but you don't have to with a little searching around and willingness to change a few things out here/there. My Rem 700 is in a M40 style B&C stock with new bottom metal and detachable mag, a SWFA super sniper 10x42 fixed power 30mm tube with mil-dot reticle sits in TPS tactical steel rings on a TPS 20 MOA steel base. I did all the mounting, swapping of stocks/scope/rings etc. and I am into the whole setup for less than about $1600. Now is it as sweet a setup as you link above, no but for over $1K less I have a great starter setup that I was ringing steel with for two days at Whittington between 400 yds and 1000yds with consistency much higher than I ever dreamed as a noob to it all. (Says something for the instruction for sure). We ran it out to 1200 to see and even though we were in the lower end of the transonic phase we rang steel after we figured out the wind dope. I could have used a bit more magnification out there at that range, but I was actually quite comfortable with 10X out to 1000yds and the glass on the SWFA SS products is surprisingly good for the price point. Will upgrade it at some point, but great entry level glass and very repeatable adjustments.
  8. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    So now that I have owned the Gunsite scout for a while I have re-evaluated my decision to treat it as a mid range rifle. It is only suited for 300 yards and under. Due to scope mounting style, objective lens size is limited to around 40mm. While I will use the 30P-1 on this, I am now looking at a rifle I already own for the role of long-range gun.

    I have a Winchester Stainless Classic 30-06 with a 24" standard barrel, 4.5 X 14 x 44 Vari X III and a Timney trigger that should be fine for a starting gun but I cannot attach my suppressor to it which leaves me with customizing the gun. Early thoughts are that I would put on a 26" spiral fluted Varmint weight barrel (0.70") by ER Shaw and a Choate ultimate sniper stock as a starting point.

    The other option is to purchase a Savage 10-FCP-SR, which by the time I mounted a scope would require me to sell something. Decisions, decisions . . .
  9. Doug Ward New Member

    Doug Ward
    I agree with jfarr about the SWFA SS scopes, I actually was issued a 10X SS on a M-14 Sniper Kit (Navy designation for the M-21) about over 10 years ago, used it on deployment to the sandbox. When the Navy cancelled a contract SWFA bought up the leftover scopes & sold them to the civilian market, demand prompted SWFA to keep getting them. Even after a decade they are still good, mil-spec scopes (especially considering the price of $300). The lenses may not be quite as good as the current state of the art (that cost 5 to 10 times as much) but they are good out to the expected ranges for the calibers. I have the 10x on my .308s (using out to 1000), 16X on my .338 and 20X on my .50 (M-88). They have new "HD" versions of the SS line, but I don't have any of those yet - none of my originals have had problems, even on the scope destroying .50 BMG. I have shot out barrels without having to replace the SS scopes.
  10. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    This is what I have for long range and suppressed. Savage 10-FCP-SR with Vortex viper PST 6 X 24 X 50 FFP - MIL/MIL
    The rifle is finishing up its second warranty trip to Massachusetts in 3 months and once I get it back I am expecting my 30P-1 paperwork back within 60 days. WaaHOO!


  11. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    Finally got it back from Savage in A-1 condition.
    Added the tactical bolt handle last night.

  12. mountain skinner New Member

    mountain skinner
    I am not sure what Anthony is/was using his scout for but I agree that 300 yards is about as far as I would ever want to take large game (elk) with due to loss of power. However, I can shoot my Scout very well (moa) out to 600 with my Ultra 7 attached. When I bought my scout, I intended to suppress it and knew that I could squeeze a bit more muzzle velocity from it with a supp. I shoot 2" groups at 400 with my Scout - yeah much better than I ever expected, and that's with the Ultra7. At 600 yards WITHOUT my Ultra, drop is 19moa. WITH my Ultra, my drop is 16.25. I just wanted to add my 2 cents since this Scout string still comes up in searches and it seems like the GSR may have been a little passed over here. Oh, and those groups are with a "cheaper" match ammo, from a former block country, 168g bthp's - $16 a box. I love my GSR and it is more capable than I ever dreamed. I look forward to dropping some in from greater distance as soon as I can.
  13. mountain skinner New Member

    mountain skinner
    WOOPS!!! I have to retract my statement above about drops with and without my Ultra7 screwed on. Sorry, my mistake. I have not actually tested them side by side at the same altitude. Although it seems like I am saving some drop, it is likely not as much as I thought. I hate to buy a chrony just to use a few times, but chronograph resulys would be the simple answer to that.The GSR is still a great little gun and no doubt the Ultra keeps those patterns tighter than without it.
  14. gemihur New Member

    54 scout sm.jpg Scout rifle prerequisite is the LER scope
  15. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Modern scout rifle is an AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel, 12-16", and a TA-11 ACOG. Don't get mad. ;)
  16. gemihur New Member

    AR 6.5 G.jpg I was just funnin' ya. That 54 cal doesn't have a very quick follow up.
    My 6.5 Grendel AR doesn't qualify either because the barrel is 20"

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