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    After re-reading your article on 3-gun optics I wondered if there was anything new worth considering.

    How would you compare a 1-6x variable against a mid-power variable 2.5-10x, 3-12x with a RDS mounted at 1-OClock? Are the RDS mounted at 1-Oclock worth the hassle and training time in your opinion?

    What is the minimum magnification scope (assuming quality glass) you would prefer for ID’ing and calling the shot on a partially blended 1.5-2.0 moa target out to 400yds? I need to be able to kill a coyote consistently at 400yds hiding in the sage brush but don’t want to handicap my self-defense potential.

    Or how much slower would I be under 50yds with 2.5-10x or 3-12x compared to a RDS or true 1x optic?

    I have a NF 5.5-22x that has served well for well over 100 coyotes but it is way too heavy and cumbersome for a 12” SBR or 16” AR.

    I appreciate your input as always!
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith

    Certainly the 1-6 and similar optics are now to be considered.

    I wrote memo/essay describing an optic that would bridge the Type I, II, and III roles back in 2009 and sent it to contacts I had at several companies. Never really heard anything back, but now there are a bunch of approx 1-8x scopes on the market. Here it is:
    If you have an optic that is magnified or magnified at the low end less than about 4x, you can train to acquire targets with speed approaching but not equal to that of a true 1x red dot sight (Aimpoint, Eotech) provided that the reticle center is very bright to enable the BAC (Bindon Aiming Concept) to work with your brain. A red dot will always be faster at close range, though. Comparing a TA11 to an Aimpoint M4, the TA11 can be almost as fast for initial target engagement but the target to target transition time is likely to be noticeably slower. But it can still be fast and I shoot a TA11 for 3Gun.

    Talking about a single 1-6x optic vs. a 2.5-10/etc along with a RDS is a non sequitor in 3Gun because one puts you in Open while the other leaves you in Tactical. I would caution that using a secondary optical sight requires a lot of training to not be a liability for speed and depending on where it's mounted and the zero distance, you may have some unintentional effects with regard to ballistic path.

    At 400 yards, a TA11 (3.5x) can readily engage 8" targets that are not high contrast. Anything with more magnification than that should be OK.

    You can't have "everything" in one rifle or optic, there will always be compromises.
  3. strow New Member

    Excellent post Zak! Thank you!

    The Z6i 1-6x seems to be the current prom queen in the 3 Gun world. How would you compare the Swarovski with the S&B 1-8x? Pluses and minuses. What other optics would you look at?

    If you didn’t own the optics you currently own and could only pick one optic to cover the Type II (primarily) and Type I (secondary) what would you pick?

    Thank you again for the detailed reply!
  4. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    I'd probably go for the S&B; however, at that price point you're in 3-12x50 or higher price territory.

    All in all, I am very pleased with the durability, compactness, and usability of the TA11 ACOG.

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