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Discussion in 'Training Group' started by Laughing_jackal, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Laughing_jackal New Member

    I’ve shot USPSA and 3 gun off and on for the last five years, and I know that dry fire REALLY pays off. I still do this type of shooting on my own, but not in an actual match environment. Though I might not be competing, I still continue to dry fire some almost daily to keep up. I have a set routine with different draws and reloads. Then for fun, I might setup a few different courses of fire around the house with 1/3rd size targets. Just doing this type of stuff can make a huge difference in shooting as well as equipment familiarization.
    With that said, do you recommend dry firing with long rifles as well? If so, are there specific routines you practice as well? I wasn't sure if there might be some kind of dry firing routine that'd help with preparing for the Steel Safari Challenge per se? I was planning on purchasing an IOTA (Indoor Optic Training Aid), which gives you a good sight picture of the target you’re looking at as well as your cross hairs at 10 feet. I thought it might be useful to make different size targets to simulate different ranges… You could maybe practice different holds for windages and dial in elevation for whatever range the target is supposed to simulate while transitioning to another target, all within your home. Maybe even practice different shooting positions. I suppose you could even use that tiny train scenery and create small landscapes if and try to spot small targets if you wanted to get real crazy. It just seems like it’d make sense to do this type of train up during the week, and then practice with live rounds on the weekend.
    Any input would be much appreciated! Knowing how much dry firing pistol and carbine increases performance, I can only imagine it’d help with a rifle as well.
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Dry firing in any of the positions you might use is as helpful or more helpful than it is for pistols shooting. I would recommend to just focus on trying the different types of field positions we are likely to get and make sure your fundamentals are solid.
  3. Laughing_jackal New Member

    Awesome! Thanks Zak! I'll definitely get to dry firing once the new rifle arrives. I think trying the different field positions will definitely be key as well.

    Once I get all my gear collaborated and setup, I definitely need to come take a clas with you guys.
  4. Rod DeMoss New Member

    Rod DeMoss
    i am in the midwest, Kansas City, MO. to be exact, where is te closest training facility to me?
  5. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Right now I think all our classes are in NM

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