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Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by Stan Rock, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Stan Rock New Member

    Stan Rock
    i read Zaks cleaning thread a few times and decided I didn't care about cleaning. Recently though I've had a new barrel, new brass (alpha), and needed to do some load testing. I run 6.5 creed in an AXMC 26" and an ultra338 can. I broke barrel in with 300 rounds. I've struggled getting this brass to shoot half inch or better. I figured it was the brass until today. I took the can off and my groups were easily .25 to .5 immediately. While shooting with the suppressor is get .5-1.2 which is unacceptable.

    I have about 2k rounds on this suppressor and cleaning it now but my question, has this been experienced by anyone else? Curious if cleaning would fix this or if it's something else.
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    It is possible your load and barrel are in an "inaccurate node" with the mass attached. If you have another setup it worked great on, put it back on there and confirm. We are happy to check out the can, but it's almost always something else.
  3. Stan Rock New Member

    Stan Rock
    I posted a more detailed idea for help from others on FB. I believe this is running the can with magneto on this new barrel. I'm going to try this without the magneto and can for this barrel. I'm sure the can is fine as I've shot great with it on my older barrels.

    To be more specific to the issue though I left the magneto on for load development of 39.8 to 42 grains of H4350 in alpha brass. My previous barrels its worked good enough to find a good node. This barrel doesn't seem to agree at this point. I guess that is normal according to some guys I trust (and you would to also if I named them by name here but won't). Thanks! I'll update if I still have issues tomorrow night.
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    Your load development needs to be done with the suppressor attached and magnetospeed off. You will not get accurate results on the load development with the extra weight of the chrono hanging onto the barrel. work up a load and then chrono it to see where it is. Fast doesn't matter if it is not accurate anyway.
  5. CWG Enterprises LLC New Member

    CWG Enterprises LLC
    The Magnetospeed group on Facebook has plans to build an arm that attaches your sensor bayonet directly to your rail and bipod. Made one and it works well.
  6. BobbyBobby New Member

    Hmm, I might check that out later on.

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