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  1. Picked up my 30P and to the range I go. Now I know that has probably been discussed to death but I want to know if this is the norm. I have a LMT 308 16" that is very accurate for a semi, I have engaged targets to 1138 yd. At the range I shot 2 - 3 round groups to verify zero at 100 yd with slight scope adjusts to get closer to the diamond. Removed the FH and installed the 30P, the first round hit 3-1/4" low by 3" to the right, then the second 4" low and 2" to the right. Adjusted the scope accordingly and shot very well after that.
    My concern, is this normal to have this much deflection in the POI from an unsuppressed zero? Having to zero U1.2 / L .6 mils. seems like a lot, but then never shot suppressed. Sighted through the barrel and no shadows from the suppressor so I feel all is well in whoville. First two from suppressor low.JPG Baby with accessory.JPG First two from suppressor low.JPG Baby with accessory.JPG
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    With a semi auto it is not so uncommon to get more change from unsuppressed to suppressed POI. The important thing is that it shoots great groups with the suppressor installed.
  3. Thank you for the response. I should have included the target after 100 yd zero with the suppressor but once she was dialed the groups were very good. Just the concern about the elevation shift. Now to log more time with it to get the new feel down.

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